KaZantip Republic XX Years Of Our Era - 20th Anniversary

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 20/7/12 10:36

Kazantip Republic XX - 20th anniversary In many ways the KaZantip Republic festival, or “The Z”, is a East European contemporary to Burning Man in the United States – a do-what-you-feel gathering under the guise of a hedonistic music festival.

But KaZantip is much longer than Burning Man, in line with the late summer long holiday period favored by Europeans, and doesn’t try to hide itself under the typically American doublespeak auspices of being some sort of an egalitarian liberation festival in words while actions point to a gathering rooted in the most basic of unsavory American principles – decadent levels of conspicuous consumption that probably would have had the pre-Revolutionary French aristocracy blushing.

That’s not to say KaZantip isn’t without its own glaring problems or detractors, everything in the age of instant information is under some sort of scrutiny, but the founders of the Republic were smart to create an autonomous zone free from the bonds of government or public oversight to save the bureaucratic microscope that is withering the Burning Man festival.

Granted, a temporarily autonomous zone may have organized crime implications hiding just below the surface, but so do most democratically elected governments these days, so why not just choose the devil you do know and like to party with than give your hard earned wages to another sure-to-fail austerity program wearing a grey flannel suit.


This year marks twenty years of “The Z”, on the Black Sea in the Ukraine, but because of their own Burning Man, palm-to-the-forehead lack of foresight to trademark the name have been facing an onslaught of wanna-be competitiors. This year, Swiss scammer, er, businessman Roland Stach – he of travel fraud fame – has taken advantage of this egregious oversight and created a new festival called, you guessed it, Kazantip… in Portugal of all places. It’s counterfeit authentic right down to the registered domain name of kazantip.com. But like any major annual event that has survived multiple decades the real KaZantip plans to go all-in this year with an action packed line-up to celebrate twenty years of existence that should have just about every fan of electronic dance music from McMurdo Station to Gdansk salivating like unhinged dogs.

The Republic opens this year on July 31st and music begins August 2nd with the return of Life On Mars – nine days focused entirely on live dance music including the Israeli collective Terry Poision, amongst many others.

On August 4th the DJs begin descending upon the Ukraine with all of the usual surnames choking the bill – Larkin, Garnier, Sasha, Howells, Zabiela, ad nauseum. High points, however, include Hot Flush’s George FitzGerald and the debut of Gus Gus’s sensational live act at KaZantip. This portion of the entertainment runs for a week.

After the music ends, the festival shifts back to what started bringing people to the festival in the first place, outdoor sports.

Surfing is the national sport of the Republic and 6 days of water sport competitions follow the closing parties on August 11th for perhaps one of the most diverse and wacky festivals in the entire world. 

Tickets and accommodations are surprisingly reasonable so if you haven’t been in the previous 19 years to KaZantip, perhaps 2012 will be the year to celebrate 20 years of autonomous fun, with music.


Live On Mars (August 02 – 11)
ObeDwe | Bad Samurais | ElectroSoul Soundsystem | Tomato Jaws | Deepkey | Vinnie Who | Artemiev | Orange Strips | Maneken | Killaflow | MOT!V | TInavie | Terry Poision | ALAI OLI | W.K.? | The Maneken | Cheese People

KaZantip XX (August 04 – 11)
Ambivalent, Andrea Oliva, Atomic Hooligan, Audiofly, Barem, Bill Brewster, Booka Shade, Boom Jinx, Carlo Lio, Cesar Marveille, Dandy Jack, Danny Howells, Danny Rampling, Davide Squillace, Dubfire, Echomen & Chab, Echonomist, Frivolous, George Fitzgerald, Gus Gus (Live), Guy J, Heidi, Henry Saiz, James Zabiela, Jay Cunning, Kenny Larkin, Krafty Kuts, Laurent Garnier, Layo & Bushwacka, Luis Junior, M.A.N.D.Y., Marc Fisher, Marc Roberts, Matthew Hoag, Mat Zoo, Nick Muir, Paco Osuna, Pan Pot, Paul Woolford, Robert Babicz (Live), Sasha, Sebastian Roter, Serge Devant, Smash Hi.Fi., Stanton Warriors, Styler, Supernova, System Of Survival, Tania Vulcano, Technasia, The Junkies, Tiefschwarz, Tristan, Tymon, Weekend Heroes

More names will be announced soon...

KaZantip Republic XX Years Of Our Era
Kazantip Official TV Channel 

Kazantip 2012 - The Main Events KaZantip 2012 - The Main Events
31 July - Gates Open For New Year Holidays
02 - 11 August - Live On Mars: 9 days of live artists
04 August - Official Opening Party beginning a week of back to back electronic music
11 August - Closing Party
12-18 August - Z Games: A week of kitesurfing, competitions and water sports

Tickets are called ‘Republican Vizas’
Plastic multiple entry visa, valid for the entire duration of KaZantip:
Started from €120 and rising to €200 from July 14th

You can apply and pay for your ticket or ‘viza’ here:
Payment for the ‘viza’ is also could be taken on entering the event

Ukrainian Hrivna (1 euro = 9.5 hryvnas, 1$ = 8 hryvnas)
5- 6 cash points.

Food & Drink:
Many different options from fast food and regular ukrainian dishes.
Complete dinner - 35-50 hryvnas

Closest airport – Simferopol (SIP)
Then around 1 hour by taxi (cost around 50$)
By train to Evpatoriya
Then by bus (3$) or taxi (around 20$)

There are 3 options – village Popovka, Mirniy and Kosa.

Popovka is a five-street hamlet, a five-minute walk away from the KaZantip – it will be no trouble to get back home from the beach in any condition and anytime. Almost every house offers rooms for hire; the prices vary from $15 to $150.
Mirniy is a small, block of flats town within 20 minutes of KaZantip, where you can rent a multiple room apartment for your whole family or friend group. Walkable distance from KaZantip or you can take a taxi for $10-20.
Kosa is a sand embankment between Popovka and Mirniy separating the sea from the Donuzlav lake, about 15 minutes drive from KaZantip area. There are lots of comfortable villas and hotels but harder to reach by public transport / taxis so you would need to hire a car.

Beware The FAKE Kazantip!!!

You might have heard a rumour about KaZantip taking place in Portugal this year and if so let me clear this up by letting you know this event has absolutely no connection to the real KaZantip Republic. The only official KaZantip is taking place in the Ukraine this year.

This little video might explain a thing or two

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