Meet Raffaele Calza, aka Raffa FL

Words by: Marcus Barnes
Posted: 16/8/12 9:30

Raffa FLIn a short space of time Raffa FL has made an impression within certain musical circles, arriving on the scene with the rugged, electrifying 'Hot For You' he's gone from strength to strength picking up DJ gigs around the world while also maintaining the momentum caused by that first release.

Still working hard in the studio and touring the globe, Raffa is hot property and took some time out of his busy schedule to speak to I Voice...

Your father was a musician, can you tell me more about that? What kind of music did he play?
Yes, my father is still a musician... more of a music lover I would say! He's a singer of Italian melodic music.

What's your earliest memory of music? When did you start to follow in your father's footsteps?
My earliest memory of music comes from one of the most famous bands of the past, Deep Purple with their amazing track "Smoke On The Water". I started to follow in my father’s footsteps at the age of 14, but I’ve been feeling music inside me since I was younger because I was really influenced as a child!

Did you learn to play any instruments when you were younger?
No, unfortunately not. I did not learn any instruments but it’s something that I really want to do in the close future to help me further my career, I am always striving to improve.

Who were the first artists your were listening to house/techno-wise?
My first house/techno influence came without any doubt from Daft Punk. I remember how many times I was listening on repeat to their tracks (I'm still doing that now). Their album ALIVE made me go crazy.

How old were you when you started to DJ? And what did your father think of what you were doing and the music you were listening to?
I started everything when I was 14 years old. My father was happy because he was seeing me grow up with a true passion.

When you decide to try to make a career from music? How easy/difficult was it to find DJ work in Verona?
I never really decided to start a career, everything just came up on it’s own. Here in my city is kind of difficult to find a good place to plaY because there are too many DJs and not a lot of clubs.

What was the scene like in your city when you were younger? Were there any local Djs/producers who you looked up to?
The scene was a lot better then than it is now, many clubs were bringing DJs from all over the world. My favourite DJ from my city is definitely Paolo Martini, one of the biggest from the 90s house music scene.

When did you start making your own music? Who inspired your early productions or what sound were you trying to achieve?
I started to make my music only 4 years ago. My first inspiration was from Daft Punk, I was definitely influenced from house music in general, I think house is the mother of all the music genres.

Which was the first of your tracks that you really felt happy with?
The very first track that I was really happy with was “Hot For You” from the first time I was working on it I felt super happy. Another one that I love too is “Hey You”.

How does it feel to play your tracks in a club and to see people going crazy to your music?
Seeing people loving my tracks while I'm dropping them in a club is something crazy! For a DJ/producer it’s one of the most important steps, your heart is definitely full of love and happiness.

How does it feel to be where you are now, picking up gigs around the world and getting great feedback about your music?... Did you ever imagine you could make it this far?
If I have to be honest, I never imagined to be where I am now. Even now I don't feel like "I have arrived" because I have a lot to learn so for the moment I’m trying to do my best to improve, to better myself and my music.

Sometimes when I’m waiting my flight for a gig I feel like "WOWWW"... Anyway I’ve been working so hard to arrive where I am now, and have also to be thankful to all of those are helping me every days like my manager, Kal.

What would you say has been your biggest achievement so far?
Talking about music production my biggest achievement so far is definately my remix for Nurvous Records of the Kim English track Nitelife! Remixing a hit like this has been an honour for me! Talking about gigs my best achievement is the b@tv podcast that I took part in with the whole Electronique Manchester crew and also my Miami WMC appearance.

What do your family think about your career?

My family has been seeing me play since I was young so they are used to it. Now that things are becoming bigger they are definitely happy because they can see my true passion for music.

How's the scene in Verona now, compared with the past?
The scene in my city has been really good in the past. Now many things have changed, many clubs that were famous are not even opening anymore.

We still have a lot of good places, but the problem is that the people here are not able to help each other to try to build something bigger and stronger, I think that the most important thing in life is to help each other, but here there's not much of that.

What are your dreams and ambitions for the next few years? What would be your ultimate dream music-wise?
My ambitions for the next year are to improve more and more for myself and my music and to play as many gigs as I can.

What releases do you have coming up?
I have lot of releases coming up - An EP on Digital Delight, An EP on NastyFunk Records, A vinyl release on Electronique UK and many remixes too on labels like Nurvous Records, Acid Fruits, Movements Label and more...

Any plans for an album maybe?
Yeah I would love to do my own album, I already have few tracks that I did quite recently that I will use for sure for a project like this...

I’m just waiting for the time to work more on them in the studio, but definitely I will do my own one soon.

If you have children will you encourage them to also become musicians?
If i will have kids one day I will not force them to follow in my footsteps, because I think that they have to decide on their own but I will teach them the love for the music and the respect for the people.

Any advice for young people who are thinking of becoming Djs/producers?
The only advice I feel is useful for young producers is just to be yourself and to try every day to find out your true sound. Enjoy the music and perforning because if you are enjoying it, then others will feel it coming through in the music you create.

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