Quincy Jointz - Funk With a Twist of Lime

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 13/8/12 7:50

Quincy Jointz – Funk With a Twist of LimeFreiberg, Germany resident Quincy Jointz surprised the dance music world last year with the irresistable and ultra funky compilation Lime Sorbet on Orlando imprint Eighth Dimension. The collection fell somewhere between the Eighteenth Street Lounge and Fort Knox laidback groove of today and the easy-going, eclectic downtempo style typified by the Cafe del Mar compilation series of the late Nineties and early 2000s. The album received critical acclaim and also managed to move units, two things that don’t always go together in the early part of this century, musically speaking.

To follow-up on the success of part one, Quincy Jointz once again theams up with Eighth Dimension to see if the can capture lighning in a bottle once again.

I Voice had the opportunity to chat with talented DJ, radio show host, and now emerging producer to learn a little about the series and delve a little further into a sound other than house and techno that still has the power to control a dance floor.

Give us a little background on Lime Sorbet, it started as a radio show, correct? What was the theme of the show and is it still on the air?
Lime Sorbet was established by the Florida-based label Citrona Rec. It was in a time before Mixcloud, Soundcloud. and hundreds of other sites like this. The focus was on broadcasting mixes of well-known DJs and artists from all over the world and also some newcomers – every week one new and exclusive mix. All in all, there was no musical guideline. The mixes only should be groovy.

In the beginning, Christina, the label-head of Citrona Rec, had asked me for some guest mixes. After three guest mixes she asked me to join the Lime Sorbet team (Christina and Rusty of All Good Funk Alliance). Soon I ran the Lime Sorbet show totally on my own. Unfortunately, Citrona Rec. was closed down in 2007 but I could ran the Lime Sorbet show until 2010. Then I had to stop it because of work and family.

Tell us about the first Lime Sorbet compilation that came out last year – who was on it and were you surprised at all about the attention it received?
I got in contact with Michael Donaldson, the head of Eighth Dimension Music, some years ago. We were talking about an EP with some of my previously unreleased songs and remixes. Michael had the idea to do a whole compilation with unreleased stuff from me, from his label, and some friends (Basement Freaks, CMC & Silenta, Shantisan, Thunderball, Ancient Astronauts, jazz.k.lipa, etc.).

The idea was to do it in the freestyle way of the Lime Sorbet show. For me, besides the high-quality music, the most interesting thing is that all tracks on the compilation are exclusive here. So it isn´t just another compilation like others.

The response on the compilation was amazing. I never thought that it would work in this way. It was the top selling albums (all styles) for weeks at Juno download and many other stores.

Your production career is really starting to take off – who are some of the labels you are working with currently and are there any other releases besides the new Lime Sorbet collection of yours that you are particularly excited about?
I work a lot with Timewarp Music (Greece) but also with Manmade, Fort Knox Rec. Boombastic Jam, and other labels. I will release my second album Jointz Venture on August 6th, 2012 and I´m really excited about it.

It will also contain different styles but all with a funky touch. There will be cooperation-songs with The Impellers, Michael DeVellis, 2 MCs, and a singer, some of my best remixes and much more. Also, I´m working on some remixes – as usual...

Are there plans to tour in support of this compilation, if so, where are some places you are looking forward to DJ’ing at?
Surely I wanna do a little tour. Having a full-time job makes it not so easy, though. But some gigs are already confirmed in Germany, Spain, and France.

You have an eclectic style of DJ’ing, what kind of thought process goes in to selecting records for a DJ gig, is it different than selecting the tracks for the Lime Sorbet compilations?
Yes, for me it is totally different. With the compilation, I wanna show absolutely fresh music for dancing but also for listening. In my DJ gigs, I wanna have best party-feeling for the people.

I wanna feel the mood of the crowd and give them what they want, but in my style.

What else can we expect from you this year after Lime Sorbet II is released?
There will be some remixes for CMC & Silenta, Sr. de Funk, Mr. Gagun, Ted Ganung...

And I also keep on working with Judith Menner. She is an great vocalist from my hometown. Maybe we can finish an EP together this year.

And surely I will DJ some more around Europe. Hopefully to discover more new countries, cities, clubs and nice people – and maybe also outside of Europe.


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