Great American Techno Festival - 13th to 16th September 2012

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 28/8/12 8:01

The 2012 Great American Techno Festival will take place Thursday, 13th September  through Sunday, 16th September in Denver, Colorado.We love when a brilliant idea comes to fruition, last year the founders of the Great American Techno Festival seized the opportunity to throw a modest, and modestly priced, techno party right in the middle of Denver’s biggest party – the Great American Beer Fest.

This year they return with the same low ticket price - $40 grabs you an early bird festival pass for the whole weekend – and a commitment to quality techno music in a warm, intimate environment. Who knows if this a proper business model in the age of more is more, but who can complain when someone is putting this much care and detail in to an event centered around headliners comprised entirely of American techno DJs – about as tiny a market as can possibly conceived in the US – and attracting sponsors in the process?

This year’s main attraction is Kevin Saunderson, who always puts on a great show, along with an eclectic billing of bigger names like John Tejada, Raíz, and Drumcell and a real taste of the techno underground from the likes of Rrose, Deepak Sharma, Donor, and Jason Short.

We expected the hardcore heads that follow artists like this will be far outnumbered by the up-for-it beer fest crowd in the Mile High City that weekend and that magical ratio would have made for some decidedly interesting moments during the festival.

But this year, the GATF moves to an earlier weekend away from the festival of beer – for two reasons – to take advantage of the warmer temperatures of September in Denver and to keep this festival from competing with the much larger and more well established Decibel Fest. It’s a necessary concession, but with the staid nature of the festival circuit, especially of the rock variety, this more curated, hands-on approach to booking may create an event that has staying power, something the US scene direly needs right now. There will also be a panel of workshops as the festival works to develop a business conference to go with this event.

Stacked between Electric Zoo and Decibel Fest, the Great American Techno Festival is part of a growing trend of major festivals that have sprung up in the past year including Electric Zoo in New York and the Closer Music Festival in Portland, OR. It will be interesting to see how established electronic music festivals like Movement and Decibel Fest will continue to evolve as the competition grows. Only one thing is certain, US electronic music fans will benefit greatly from the growth of this new festival circuit, which should lead to further growth and development from new artists and promoters in the future.

Great American Techno Festival 2012
Thursday 13th September, 9pm-2am
Opening Reception @ Jet Hotel
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Friday 14th September, 7pm-2am
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Friday 14th September, 9pm-2am
Beatport Lounge at Beta
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Saturday 15th September, 9pm-2am
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Sunday 16th September,3pm-2am
Closing Party @ The Hive
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Great American Techno Festival 2012

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