Warehouse re-opening with Kerri Chandler, London 25th August - Party Review

Words by: Kristan Caryl
Posted: 30/8/12 7:38

Warehouse Re-opening with Kerri Chandler, London 25th August - Party ReviewWarehouse parties have never been hotter than in London right now. Somewhat incredibly, though, there are very few actual permanent warehouse venues in the city, with most parties citing TBA as their setting right until the last moment. What this means is that venues can change at the whim of the local council, sound is never good, bars are not very well stocked and generally things seem unorganised. Ultimately, then, though this is all the rage and seems very exciting and hedonistic like the rave old days on paper, the reality is often a lot less satisfying.

Hoping to change all this are the team behind the Warehouse in London. They want to capture the rawness of a warehouse and marry it with the clubbing creature comforts we all somewhat expect. It's not a new venue, rather an old one that's had a lot of money spent on it including on a brand-new sound system - the first of its kind in the country, we’re told - stunning lights and lasers and a whole lot more besides, including a more contemporary music policy.

The opening weekend is a double-headed affair, with New Jersey house legend and Mad House Records boss Kerri Chandler the main attraction for many, despite the number of appearances he still makes in UK and despite the number of years he’s been doing his inimitable thing. The first thing to note is that the crowd is impressively sizeable from very early on, especially given that it's a Bank Holiday (so lots of competition) and an opening night.

The crowd is made up of the usual selection of people variously in snap backs, incredibly short skirts, converse and, of course, plenty of fake tan. No matter though, because they are already enjoying themselves to the warm-up house beats of residents Jaxx & Danny Bayley. Following on were Rob Charles & Ollie Gibson then Colin Chiddle, each one upping the ante just a notch or two before the main headliner is due on.

When the big man steps up, he’s greeted by a sweaty mass, all creeping further forward towards the raised DJ booth as if worshipping at his alter. The whole club is bathed in bright yellow light as he begins his set, twisting and turning through bulbous basslines and house from across the ages. Notoriously keen on sound quality – performing intricate sound checks on his own before each and every set – Chandler must have been in his element, for every hi hat was crisp and clear and each beat thumped with a very real and physical bang sans even the slightest bit of distortion. Though a set full of highlights and cunning deviations between house styles, Julio Bashmores ‘Au Seve’ and classic MK cut ‘Burning’ seem to mark particular zeniths as people clambered atop their mates’ shoulders to bask in the sound and light raining down on them from all directions.

Stylistically the club is cross between sharp futurism and shabby chic, with exposed steel bars across the roof and plenty of red brick walls. Importantly, some huge cloth curtains run along the ceiling to make the sound that bit warmer and though it’s a large room, no-one is too far away from the action as to feel disconnected. The bar is a great looking thing serving people efficiently and the outdoor terrace offers a nice extra dimension if the main room gets all too much. With a broad selection of names from Lee Foss to Dyed Soundorom via MK all set to play in the coming months, Warehouse London could become one of the most important new additions to the city in years, happily plugging the gap left by the sad closure of so many great spaces in recent times.

Warehouse Re-opening with Kerri Chandler, London 25th August - Party Review

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