Ripperton - Let’s Hope on Tamed Musiq

Words by: Kristan Caryl
Posted: 11/9/12 8:02

Ripperton is one of those guys who clearly knows his way around a studio. Much more than simply laying down rigid four-four grooves with the odd flourish of percussion, the Swiss producer layers up sound and intricate ambiances at whim. His tracks are stuffed with sounds that only reveal themselves after a number of listens and in fact, therefore, are as suited to home listening as they are full-on club sessions.

That said, for this next outing on his own nascent imprint, Tamed Musiq, the man is clearly aiming for the dancefloor with a long and epic slow burner that grows from little more than a percussive tick into an almost orchestral house manoeuvre swollen with emotion: it’s a set opener extraordinaire.

Despite breaching the 11 minute mark, not a single moment feels excessive. Once a flabby kick drum establishes a tempo, the focus is on slowly embellishing the rhythm with tambourines, clouded vocals and swirling sombre synths. There’s a tribalism to the way things grow in intensity that will surely sweep up anyone within ear shot, and once the thing is in full flight at around the six minute mark, there’s no going back. Even at its zenith, though, Ripperton is in control, dropping in some heart aching piano lines to bring things back down to earth before soaring once again.

Current house darlings and cute bloggers Bicepget the nod for the remix, and their first thought must surely have been ‘where do we start?!’. Well, true to form, they strip things back to a pumping US house kick before weaving back in elements from the original – the vocal, but this time it sounds angelic rather than tortured, the dancing pianos and the airy hi-hats. Like much of their output it’s a banger, but a subtle, intricate banger that goes to your head as much as your heel and manages to mirror the epic, arcing narrative of the original in Bicep’s own inimitable style.

Artist: Ripperton
Title: Let’s Hope EP
Label: Tamed Musiq

TracklistLet’s HopeLet’s Hope (Bicep Remix) musiq

Our rating: 8.5/10


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