Pure House Music Festival - 29th September, 2012

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 11/9/12 8:03

Pure House Music Festival - Las Vegas @ the Clark County Amphitheater, 29th September 2012Las Vegas has its share of nightlife but its amateur in comparison to the well-established scenes in places like Miami, New York, and Chicago in terms of house music. The Pure House Music Festival has set out to change that with a real throwback to house music’s roots and a focus on live performances at their debut this September.

Thank Clark County resident and former Chicago godfather of house music Jesse Saunders, who teamed up with Vegas promoter Rory McAlister to create a Vegas-sized version of the legendary Chicago Chosen Few DJ’s annual House Music Picnic event in Chicago. That event regularly draws a stadium load of people and the same is expected for the Pure House Music Festival debut on Saturday, September 29th. There are plenty of people out West starved for dance music that doesn’t require silly costumers or ridiculous stage shows to mask the inadequacies of the actual music and Pure was created just for those folks.

The Pure House Music Festival takes place at the striking Clark County Government Center building, a nice desert-themed juxtaposition to all of the bright and tacky casinos that litter the more tourist friendly areas of the sprawling metropolis. Tickets are quite reasonable and a portion of it goes to charity in true old school house music fashion – with love.

Best of all, the line-up is a refreshing collection of homegrown talent and veterans who haven’t jumped on the latest TV friendly craze and continue to hone their craft in clubs all the way from Baltimore to San Francisco each and every week. There are pop legends like CeCe Peniston, D- Train and Michelle Weeks along with veteran artists such as Saunders, Lisa Shaw, Michael Procter, Kevin Hedge (from Blaze), and Lidell Townsell too. David Harness is coming in from San Francisco for fans of the smooth San Francisco house sound while international artists Sound Syndicate and DJ Sam both make the long plane flights to Vegas. Many of these artists will be performing live as well so the Pure House Music Festival should be a house music lover’s dream come true.

Pure House Music Festival - Las Vegas @ the Clark County Amphitheater, 29th September 2012

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