Roll The Dice meets Pole - In Dubs EP on Leaf

Words by: Peter Adkins
Posted: 19/11/12 7:44

Swedish duo Roll The Dice hit their stride with 2011’s In Dust album. Eleven tracks of post-krautrock IDM ambience and experimentation, the record’s all-encompassing cinematic scope saw the pair earn plaudits across the board.

This, their first new record for over 18 months, is not new material, but three tracks from the album reworked by glitch-cum-dub-cum-dubstep producer Pole. Stripping the originals down to their base components and building them back up from scratch, In Dubs might not be new material proper, but it’s not fair off.

Calling Dub Workers loses the gothic toll of the bell and dominance of the piano refrain that coloured the original and, softening the percussion, instils an ambient glow around the glacial synths at the heart of the matter.

The two other re-rubs are of a similar nature. The woollen-coated dub residues of Idle Hands is sharpened into Echo Hands, with an ever-present radar sound effect, muted bassline and heavy delay taking it into the smouldering, trippy territories you might imagine. Whilst The Skull Is Built Into The Version sees Pole ladle the original version with fidgety clicks, a treacle-like bassline and moody effects, that submerge the original’s central piano refrain into muffled depths.

As you would expect from a figure with the reputation of Pole, it’s all incredibly well executed. Yet, as a whole, it is difficult to get excited about. The palette is too reigned in; the tracks, whilst radically different from their original versions, are anything but radical in any other aspect. A distinct lack of risks have been taken in making this record. Let’s hope the next RTD release see the duo up the game once more.

Artist: Roll The Dice meets Pole
Title: In Dubs EP
Label: Leaf

TracklistCalling Dub WorkersEcho HandsThe Skull Is Built Into the Version

Our Rating: 7/10
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