I Love Techno 2012: the destination for electro enthusiasts

Words by: Clare Scott
Posted: 16/10/12 8:49

I Love Techno 2012: the destination for electro enthusiasts On Saturday, 10th November, anyone who’s not a fan of house music should steer clear of Flanders Expo in Ghent, Belgium. Fanatics, in their thousands, will be gathering to express their utter devotion to the glitchiest, darkest, most brilliant of music at I Love Techno 2012.

It’s the world’s biggest indoor festival, and it brings with it over 30 artists who will make for no less than five rooms of sound. To help you navigate the immense arena (there’s up to 54,000 square metres to explore), each room has been colour coded.

In the yellow zone, highlights include Berlin’s own Alexander Ridha, a.k.a. Boys Noize, plus Vitalic and Raveyards who’ll be playing live. Also billed is Erol Alkan, who’s mixed this year’s edition of I Love Techno’s compilation CD – “A mix that covers a small part of the sound of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, featuring some of my favourite artists”, he says.

In the orange room, our acts-to-see include drum and bass boy Netsky, who’s recently worked with everyone from Leftfield to Jessie J. His eponymous album, released earlier this year, revealed a heady mix of Sub-Focus meets Skrillex and Magnetic Man-inspired tracks, each spiked with vocals and a soulful sound that could sucker in even the most anti-drum and bass listener.

Joris Voorn, a man whom needs little-to-no introduction, and recently mixed the 2012 Cocoon Heroes compilation with Cassy, takes the must-hear headliner spot for us in the red room.

Don’t miss ex-Cocoonster Chris Liebing, too - whom for the last decade has devoted his time to build his own imprint Create.Learn.Realise Records (CLR), and will be joining the festival to showcase some of the imprints finest works.

In the blue area it’s the aforementioned Sub Focus, and Nero that we’re noting as the ones to enjoy, and finally, over in the green corner, it’s Magnetic Man’s own Benga we’ll be watching, plus Modeselektor, whose collaborations with Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has produced some of the German duo’s finest work.

With an even bigger selection of artists to peak your interest, I Love Techno, the once-small festival that Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Pierre, and Daft Punk established back in ’95 continues to go from strength to strength – check it out

I Love Techno - Saturday 10 November 2012 - Flanders Expo, Ghent Belgium

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