Next Wave Closing Party @ Vista Club, Privilege Ibiza - Review

Words by: Lena Kochetkova
Posted: 8/10/12 9:18

Next Wave Closing party @ Vista Club, Privilege Ibiza - ReviewWhen you think of Privilege techno might be the last thing to come to your mind. It was only by the end of the season when Next Wave took over Vista Club and proved that it is one of the most appropriate rooms for this style of music on the island.

On October, 3, the Romanian-driven party celebrated its closing with Ricardo Villalobos, Pedro, Rhadoo and Raresh playing in Vista Club and Valentino Kanzyani, Dan Andreiand Ian C manning the tiny Vista Blu.

According to a fair criterion the best party is where the DJs themselves not only fulfill their professional duties but also have a lot of fun – and this happened at Next Wave closing. There were around dozen artists in the DJ booth, and only one of them, Villalobos, was standing with his face to the crowd. The others were socializing with the backstage, drinking, laughing, hugging and having time of their life. Occasionally someone would grab a record and hand it to Villalobos just to prove that he was also contributing to the set. Probably Ricardo also wanted to distract a little, but he could hardly afford even to dance (by the way, he is a divine dancer, just look at his swaying hips). So with a whole bunch of DJs around no one was eager to take care of the decks – hey, it’s the end of the season, our last chance to enjoy Ibiza!

Naturally, at a certain point music stopped. All the heads turned to Villalobos with a reproach: “Ricardo! How could you be so irresponsible?”. When Ricardo left after 1.5-hour set, the hard times came: the others had to assume the responsibility and start, sorry to say, working. Purists might call it disorderliness, but we call it the true spirit of Ibiza closings. The island is not about being impeccable, it’s about being spontaneous and free.

Meanwhile Vista Blu was bursting with such succulent techno that would do honour to any major Ibiza party. As if they told to the guys: “Either you totally smash it, or you will be demoted out of the DJ fraternity for good” – and the guys smashed it to the max.

Let’s hope that Next Wave will be back to Privilege next summer. It is a new and unusual place for techno, with a proper spirit and amazing sound.

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