Lee Webster - Late Last Night EP on Time Has Changed

Words by: Marcus Barnes
Posted: 12/11/12 8:29

Lee Webster’s musical output really exploded when he relocated from the UK to Barcelona in Spain. He spent his early years making hip hop beats to scratch to and counts the ‘vibes’ of UK garage as one of the key influences behind his sound, which is a mix of deep house and garage and often utilizes familiar hip hop and RnB samples to great effect.

Lee also has a penchant for sexual overtones and gives a large percentage of his multitude of tracks naughty names. A perfect case in point is Bring The Dildo, which features a sample that repeats the title track several times over. But this doesn’t distract from the track, which has a real garage sensibility to it, the bassline in particular. However, this is a deep, rolling number, which wouldn’t sound out of place at some dusky after-hours party.

Sick Of The Same Thing again demonstrates Lee’s ability to manipulate vocals and use them as instruments, complementing his sullen bassline and minimal composition. Those familiar with RnB will recongnise the samples that litter the track immediately, but I won’t give it away.

Frenchman Jef K gets busy on the remix of Sick Of The Same Thing, plunging it into dark, sinister territory with the vocal taking on an eerie tone and voices looped and echoing in the background.

Late Last Night is a trippy, seductive stepper that bumps and bounces along for the first half and continues to do the same in the second half albeit with a well placed arpeggiated synth. A female voice whispers in the background 'I need you'. Standard Webster fare, which basically means it's top quality with hint of raunch.

Belfast bad boys BUBBA and T-Bone get to work and bosh out a 'Ghetto Style' remix, which basically means it has a big booty bassline and is drenched in gritty synth work with some old school nineties style claps here and there. Mean and built for dancefloor damage.

Webster has developed a style that is all his own, and it works really well. Slow, sensual and a little twisted in places Late Last Night is a great release with equally good remixes.

Artist: Lee Webster
Title: Late Last Night EP
Label: Time Has Changed

TracklistLate Last NightLate Last Night - Bubba & T-Bone Ghetto Style RemixSick Of The Same ThingSick Of The Same Thing - Jef K RemixBring The Dildo

Our Rating: 8/10
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