Funk D'Void - Finding Balance

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 23/10/12 10:10

Funk D’Void – Finding BalanceIt was a real treat sitting down to discuss Funk D’Void’s contribution to the Balance mix series and get a little insight in to the process of making a commercial DJ mix. There was also that sense in speaking with him that he was trying to create something meaningful without the pressure of anticipation or the weight of the previous installments dragging him down.

That’s not an easy feat considering how well received the Balance mixes have been over the past decade. He passes the test with flying colors on the engaging 22nd volume of the series by, as he says, producing something as sonically "pure" as was possible and not just treating this like a normal Funk D’Void DJ gig.

The result is something timeless, which is what the Balance series can evoke when the artist is really on a creative roll, and according to the interview was something the artist was trying to achieve in making this mix.

How were you selected to mix Balance 022 and what are some of your favorite mixes in this long running series?
A bit of luck really! A good friend of theirs really sung my praises towards the label and they decided to give me a crack at it. Of course they checked out my past CDs after this and knew that I was more than up to the task, I hope! I deliberately steered clear of the mixes so as not to influence my own style in compiling the tracks.

How do you feel your mix stacks up in comparison to some of your favorites in the Balance series?
I haven't had any time to listen to any of the past mixes... Scared to!

Many of the Balance mixes seems to have a theme or an inspiration – are there any themes or inspirations that you brought in to the making of this mix?
I tried to make something that would endure as a release and get better every time you listened to it. The Back to Mine series from the last decade was a great reference point for me.

Funk D’VoidTell us about how you selected the tracks for this compilation, was there a process and how long did it take to make both mixes? Were there are any tracks you weren’t able to license?
It was hugely difficult, so many genres to put together, licensing concerns, tempo changes, etc. I had a core selection of about 80-100 tracks that I kept chipping away at, seeing what worked, which label wasn't responsive to letting us release the track, time constraints, and on and on. The whole process of selection was about two months, and two weeks prepping the mix then two days in post-production. I do feel that this had to be made in a studio environment due to the variety of the tracks: there was no room for boo-boos.

There are also quite a few exclusive tracks, tell us a little bit about these five tracks and why you chose them for this mix.
Arkist and Guy Andrews are new bloods whose work I admire greatly, and they were extremely helpful in giving us the exclusive tracks. Lee Webster is a good friend, as are Psycatron and Joris Voorn, so I basically went looking to mates to give us a hand as well! A young Joris Voorn gave me a demo CD at a Dutch rave in 2001, I kept it all this time and rediscovered it recently. It's amazing how the story of it ends by finally seeing the light of day as an exclusive on a Balance release, because of his famous entry in the series also.

Was this mixed digitally on two turntables and a mixer or a little of both?
You know what? It doesn't matter. It's a double CD, not a live mix of me DJ’ing the release at a party. It was produced as sonically "pure" as was possible - we took great care with the final audio product.

Any plans to tour specifically to support the Balance mix?
From October until early next year, it's all about the Balance!

What else can we expect from you before the year ends?
New Outpost releases, a remix for Christian Smith's “Get It Done,” also for Paul Loraine & Nadja Lind's “Making a Difference.” Oh ,and more remixes for Child & Alexander Kowalski.

01. Hawkinson “Introduction (Funk D’Void remix)”
02. Monty Luke “Yesterday & Today”
03. Los Hermanos “Olmec My Brother”
04. Chris Malinchak “Razor 2.0”
05. Peter Dildo “Lucky Punch”
06. Arkist “Effingham PL” *EXCLUSIVE*
07. Tonka “Orca (dub)”
08. Mike Acetate “Elevate (Shur-I-Kan & Milton Jackson remix)”
09. Soy Mustafa “Return Of The Annunaki (John Tejada Cinematic Edit)”
10. Moodymanc “Talker (Drum dub mix)”
11. Exercise One & Mathew Jonson “Lost Forever In A Happy Crowd”
12. Guy Andrews “Confuted” *EXCLUSIVE*
13. Delano Smith “Wires”
14. Sam Matters “Weight Off My Mind”
15. Chymera “The Chase (Steve Rachmad Edit)”
16. Jesper Dahlback “Nyhus Part Two”
17. Pezzner “Only With Your Eyes”
18. Spirit Catcher “Sedona (Andre Lodemann remix)”
19. Vince Watson “A Very Different World (Funk D’Void remix)”
20. Tony Lionni “Loving You”
21. Funk D’Void “Diabla (Psycatron Unreleased remix)” *EXCLUSIVE*
01. Alucidnation “Suspended On Air”
02. Kolombo “Waiting For”
03. Lee Webster “Delve” *EXCLUSIVE*
04. Steve Reich “Electric Counterpoint (Fast)”
05. Lovebirds “Running Backwards”
06. Space Dimension Controller “Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere”
07. Martin Patino “Hommage a la Sodomie (Joash Remix)”
08. Outmode “Dark Journey (Toby Tobias’ Journey to the Light Remix)”
09. Vincent I. Watson “Celtic Beauty”
10. Joash “Assassin (Funk D’Void Remix)”
11. Joris Voorn “RE-2001” *EXCLUSIVE*
12. Chaser “Bite The Bullet (Francois DuBois Remix)”
13. Tom Ellis “Go Through Me”
14. DJ Profile “Can U Sing”
15. Rhythm Maker “Alles Mainstream”
16. Patrice Scott “Tones & Things”
17. Robert Babicz “Out Of Order (Rob Acid Version)”
18. Soundstream “Makin Love”
19. Blackman “Headroom”
20. Phil Kieran “Prism”
21. The Reboot Joy Confession “1999 (Untitled)”
22. Wasted Gaze “Untitled State Of Mind”
23. Francois DuBois “Sweet Spot”
24. Dennis DeSantis “You Say
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