Catz N Dogz Presents Body Language Vol 12

Words by: Rachael Williams
Posted: 6/11/12 8:04

Catz N Dogz Presents Body Language Vol 12Catz N Dogz seem to have a habit of making firm friends wherever they go, if the quality of the exclusive tracks they’ve secured for their first official DJ compilation is anything to go by. The amiable Polish duo, Grzegorz and Wojciech (better known as Greg and Voitek) have clearly gone to great lengths for their contribution to Get Physical’s long-running Body Language series, with standout tracks encompassing new Pets Recordings signee Squarehead, an intriguing Pezzner remix of Justin Martin’s Molokini and their remix of a Soul Clap track featuring vocals by Mel Blatt, a lady likely only to be recognised by UK residents as a former member of ‘90s girl-band All Saints.

Considering the acclaim Catz N Dogz receive for their DJ sets, it was surely about time they created such a release, but with producing their own tracks, touring the world over and running a successful label, it should be marked as no small feat they’ve finally turned out something so finely crafted. We managed to pin down Greg to find out exactly how this happened…

How long did it take to put together Body Language Vol 12 from first speaking to Get Physical to actually releasing it?
I think it was a year ago. We had a meeting and guys asked us if we were up for doing a mix. We agreed of course, as we love to DJ and we were always thinking about doing an official DJ mix. So for all those years we were putting our favourite tracks on a special shelf or folder with an idea for a mix. Some of them we used in our Petcast series or unofficial mixes but most of them were waiting for a thing like that.

Was the selection process quite straightforward or did you hit any major stumbling blocks?
The whole process took almost the whole year, as the biggest problem with releasing official mixes is not the concept and finding the good tracks but finding who’s handling the rights to some of the tunes. As I said we’ve been selecting these records since we started to DJ, and we wanted to have as many unique tracks as possible. You can download a lot of good free mixes from Soundcloud or similar sites, so our main goal was to have some vinyl only tracks never released on digital before, some special compilation edits of other tracks and exclusive tracks never released before. With the help of our friends I think we made it. Of course we needed to reject a lot of tracks as most of the labels were down and it was impossible to track the owner. Or when it was possible usually the tracks were not recorded anywhere. So that was a big adventure for us, it really reminded us of the times when we were fighting with each other to get the best vinyls and running from one shop to another as some were sold out already!

It has a nice mix of artists from different labels, including Pets and Dirtybird. Was it tempting to include more from your own label?
Most of the stuff we do like our label, music or parties, we treat personally, and we love to work with a nice crew so of course we first asked all our friends for some exclusive tracks for the compilation. The main goal really was to have a lot of unreleased tracks to make the mix special and interesting for the listener.

What was the journey you wanted to take listeners on? There are key moments that stand out from Mel Blatt’s sunset vocals on Soul Clap, to Braiden banging it out to the sleaze of Alien Alien…
The idea with the Soul Clap remix was very funny, we asked them if we could do this remix as when we hear the original we know that we could make a very nice intro track for the mix from it.

As it’s our compilation and a mix we wanted to take the listeners through most of the genres we normally play at a party. We don’t stick to one style of music and we love to switch the genres when we play, depending on the crowd’s mood, play-time or the venue. We wanted to have this mix made like a one-hour party going from deeper stuff through to more techy sounds and finishing with spacy tunes. We’re not the biggest fans of the parties that continue with the same sound throughout, like it’s always the same track playing till the end.

If Body Language is a night out with Catz N Dogz where are we going and what are we drinking to recreate the vibe on the compilation?
The CD as a format is so limited, it’s only 70 min of music, so for sure it needs to be a smaller venue. I would say somewhere like Farbfernseher (the club where we host our Petcast nights in Berlin). It’s tiny, people are dancing for the whole night and they all come to listen to music and have fun. Of course I will say vodka as we’re polish. With cucumber and ginger for a better taste.

Catz N DogzWas it hard balancing tracks from peers with showcasing up-and-coming artists, or did it all fit together nicely?
Actually it fits very well. Of course at the beginning it was a big mess and we spent a lot of time thinking about the whole concept, but in the end everything fit together. The biggest limitation is always the time. It’s like playing one hour slot; it’s much harder than playing a long one as you’re not stressing that you’ll forget a good track!

Why did you choose to remix such a recognisable classic with Zack Tom’s Parade – Get Up Everybody?
That’s a very funny story. When Voitek was 12 years old he was singing in a choir so he was traveling around the world, as they were quite successful. When he was in San Francisco there was this legendary Groove Radio station playing a lot of good house music. So he was recordings sets on a tape cassette for the two weeks he was staying there, and back in those days it was impossible when you were 12 years old to listen to this kind of music in Poland.

Of course this song was one of the favourite on the tape. We’re friends with the guys from Nervous and somehow we found out that they have the rights to this vocal so we said that would be cool to do an edit of it. As it’s so well known we decided that we will release it only on the vinyl as a special track.

What one track stands out for both of you for whatever reason, not necessarily your favourite?
Haha, that’s a very hard question as we tried to put all our favourites in the mix. We really like the Soul Clap mix I think. But with most of the tracks we have certain memories and we like them all a lot.

Can you sum up the sound of Catz N Dogz Presents Body Language Vol 12 in one sentence?
It’s a very personal and diverse mix that includes all of our favourite music and music from our friends.

Various Artist mixed by Catz 'N Dogz
Title: Body Language Vol.12
Label: Get Physical Music

01. Desolate - Ambrosia
02. Soul Clap feat. Mel Blatt - Ecstasy (Catz 'N Dogz Body Language Remix)
03. Safeword - Let Go
04. Saturn Never Sleeps - Take It Out (Sean Thomas Drumsong Remix)
05. J. Antoni - Lost
06. Rhythm Plate - Lean (Atjazz Remix) (Remastered)
07. Squarehead - You Are
08. Justin Martin - Molokini (Pezzners Water Mammal Version)
09. Braiden - The Alps
10. Gant - All Night Long (Clay & Deller's Industry Standard Dub Plate Mix)
11. Zack Toms’ Parade - Get Up Everybody (Catz 'N Dogz Body Language Remix)
12. Till von Sein feat. Jon Hester - Out Of Love (Chez Damier & Bosco Dub - SLG Body Language Edit)
13. Eats Everything - Trouse Hack
14. Trikk - Driven Movement
15. Schatrax - Mispent Years (Remastered)
16. Laverne Radix - Dick Control
17. Elon - Right On, Babe
18. Alien Alien - Sambaca
19. Chmara Winter feat. Kari Amirian - Tucy Chacy
20. El_Txef_A - In
21. Tin Man - Constant Confusion
Catz N Dogz Presents Body Language Vol 12
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