Dntel & Herbert - My Orphaned Son / Its Only EP - Label Pampa Records

Words by: Stephen Flynn
Posted: 21/11/12 7:24

Pampa’s output has always been practically impossible to predict, regardless of the protagonist involved. This time, the responsibility lays in the hands of label boss DJ Koze and goofball-techno loving duo Die Vogel, who are trusted with remixing two particularly poignant, emotive and melancholy works of electronica.

Die Vogel do an adept job at tackling Dntel’s “My Orphaned Son”, as they replace the original’s saddening tones with something far more upbeat. A series of intricate melodies (spurred by a host of chimes and bells) do the trick, while the titillating piano line practically laughs in the face of the record’s somewhat callous title. In fact, it’s not until the second half of this interpretation that any of the original’s prime characteristics come into play, by which stage the record has already firmly nailed its colours to the mast.

The flip side though, is more concerned with leaving an impression; a feat achieved (again) with sumptuous ease by DJ Koze. Indeed, a quick listen to Herbert’s “It’s Only” marks it out as precisely the sort of tune that’d prickle his very ears, with its sultry female lyrics, irregular guitar chords and piano keys ensuring it leans towards unconventional territory. So what of the remix? Well, Koze – and this is expected – frogmarches it toward atmospheric planes, with a barrage of ghoulish flutes ensuring it’s one that’s particularly suited to this time of year. He shrewdly grants the vocal an added dimension too, chopping and skewing it so that it neatly fits in with the rest of the record’s warped and freaky vibes. Should you appreciate Koze’s many oddball charms, chances are you’ll appreciate this remix, as it emphasises his propensity for the dynamic, the unique and – let’s be frank – the downright weird. Pampa’s latest double A-sided joint is all killer…and no filler.

Artist: Dntel & Herbert
Title: My Orphaned Son / Its Only EP
Label Pampa Records

TracklistDntel - My Orphaned Son (Die Vogel Mix)Matthew Herbert - Its Only (Dj Koze Mix)

Our Rating: 8.5/10
Dntel & Herbert


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