Legowelt - The Paranormal Soul LP on Clone Records

Words by: Rob Warner
Posted: 19/11/12 7:48

Clone Records rarely misses a beat and have found a gem in Dutch artist Legowelt's new album. When an artist has the pedigree behind him that Legowelt does, over half a dozen previous albums, you're likely in for some interesting work and "The Paranormal Soul" does not disappoint at all.

Described as a collection of previously unreleased tracks the album feels exactly like that initially but soon blurs into the continuous track that signifies a well crafted album. "Danger In The Air" kicks the affair off with a straight up club groove full of Legowelt's trademark intricate melody elements and uncluttered arrangement. "Elementz of Houz Music" isn't far behind in style, going for a spacey, synth groove with hints of Jean Michel Jarre.

"Rave Till Dawn" and "Voice of Triumph" have 1980s throwback inspiration in spades. The former makes use of an acid-tweaked synth and breakbeat to ramp the intensity up a notch while the later goes for a more Fingers Inc/Larry Heard-on-acid tip which nails the acid house essence to perfection. It’s raw, gritty and not over-polished.

"Sketches From Another City" is where Legowelt hits top gear - creating a modern rave track with hypnotic and haunting synths and a heads-down attitude which is only relieved three minutes in with the addition of a crisp open hat. It's a small detail but gives the darkness just the notch of light it need at just the right moment. Details like this are aplenty throughout the album and they don’t happen by chance, rather by design.

Legowelt’s previous output has already put him in the prolific category so it's a little early to call "The Paranormal Soul" the best he's come up with just yet - but it's right up there and has a handful of fantastic tracks which have his blend of slick music-making skills and crazy randomness - as great producers so often do.

Artist: Legowelt
Title: The Paranormal Soul LP
Label: Clone Records

Tracklist01. Danger In The Air02. Clap Your Hands03. Elements of Houz music04. Rave Till Dawn05. Sketches From Another City06. On the Tiger Train07. Transformation Of The Universe08. Voice Of Triumph09. I Only Move For U10. Renegade Of A New Age11. On a Cold Winter Day12. To The Homeland

Our Rating: 7/10


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