Cardopusher - So What U Want Me To Do EP on Classicworks

Words by: Paul Corey
Posted: 15/11/12 8:20

Venezuela's biggest dance export is almost certainly the duo of Sergio Munoz and Israel Sunshine, aka Fur Coat, whose infamous 'You & I' namechecked " ...cocaine and ketamine" to the delight of some and, no doubt, the disgust of others. Argenis Brito is another significant name but after that its difficult to think of anyone else, which is one amongst other reasons why Cardopusher stands out. As sonically estranged from his already - mentioned compatriots as might be possible, he has, on the evidence of this release, managed to forge a retro - futurist sound which is as effective as any being produced elsewhere, but to call it old school would be just a little patronising.

Predominantly taking its cues from a very UK - inspired rave take on house/techno with urban whiffs and a manic intensity, the five tracks here are like individual facets on the same gemstone, each giving a something a little different depending on which way the light falls. Their rough and raw proclivities are innate, and emphasised by hip-house motifs, acid squiggles and occasionally fierce analogue - flavoured wormholes which drill themselves home relentlessly. The pace doesn't let up and there's an honesty about it which is refreshing, as well as amusing. It would be a waste of time to break each track down into its constituent fundamentals, but let's just say that on a chronological journey through this release, by the time 'Hysteria' has been reached, the proverbial new asshole has been torn. Buenos Aires native Nehuen keeps things locked as well with a slightly more forceful take on 'I Know U Will'.

This is the second release on Cardopusher and Nehuen's Barcelona-based label, following up July's 'Split 01' as emphatically as possible. It recalls what it represents with panache and brashness and insofar as the reappropriation of such sounds are concerned, it's well ahead of the curve.

Artist: Cardopusher
Title: So What U Want Me To Do EP
Label: Classicworks

TracklistI Know U WillSo What U Want Me To DoThe Real ThingHysteriaI Know U Will (Nehuen Remix)

Our Rating: 8/10


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