Dekay & Burridge / Faut Pas Deconner - All Day I Dream 03 EP on All Day I Dream

Words by: Carlos Hawthorn
Posted: 20/11/12 7:10

It seems fair to say that when Lee Burridge and Matthew Dekay first set out their plans for All Day I Dream they were being a little optimistic. Originally planning to release an EP every six weeks, the label has put out a grand total of three since launching in June 2011. That said, both (Burridge especially) are hugely in-demand DJs and, to their credit, the pair have since set up Get Weird, a brand new imprint designed to showcase records of a darker, more twisted nature. Plus, what we have been privy too has so far been of reputable quality, reminding us that, as the saying goes, quantity is perhaps of minimal relevance.

And so what of their most recent offering? Although marketed as a 3-track EP, listeners are greeted with just one original record from the label owners, with the other two made up of a dub of the original and Afterhours Olympics, a record arriving courtesy of the somewhat mysterious Faut Pas Deconner, a collective comprising of Marko Nastic, Valentino Kanzyani and Tomy DeClerque.

Weighing in at just over nine minutes long, Dekay & Burridge's Holding On is a hefty slice of full-blooded deep house. Lush, sweeping pads wash over a throbbing bassline, paving the way for the record's lead vocal to wispily and intermittently disperse its tales of yearning. Midway through proceedings the vocal is stripped back to allow what sounds like a synthesised organ to take centre stage, adding a tuneful, if slightly piercing, layer to the groove. The finished product is certainly epic, but I'm not sure it quite lives up to its higher, spiritual mandate. For whatever reason, it doesn't quite do enough. It's no Fur De Liebe, for example.

For those who deem the vocal a touch excessive, not an unfair judgement given the record's very rich texture, there is the dub, which, bar the singing, leaves the record intact. After a rather simplistic, slightly tentative start, Afterhours Olympics soon finds its feet. Some vigorous but intelligent synth play entwines itself around a rugged, gravelly bassline, subtly dipping in and out of consciousness. An extended, quasi-trance breakdown soon establishes itself as the record's most lustrous feature, a tense space where warm, swaying pads rest underneath a bed of randomly collated instrumental hits and clicks. As the drum kicks back in and piercing synths ripple their way through the track, already Faut Pas Deconner have managed to galvanize their listenership in a way Dekay & Burridge could not.

Artist: Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge / Faut Pas Deconner
Title: All Day I Dream 03 EP
Label: All Day I Dream

TracklistFaut Pas Deconner - After hours OlympicsDekay & Burridge - Holding OnDekay & Burridge - Holding On Dub

Our rating: 7/10
Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge


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