Monty Luke - Bomb On Bomb Remixes EP on Full Flavor Music

Words by: Stephen Flynn
Posted: 19/11/12 7:46

Monty Luke - lest you’re unaware - is Carl Craig’s right-hand man at Planet E. He’s also an esteemed producer in his own right, just as a string of releases on the likes of KMS, Get Physical, Planet E and his own Black Catalogue would seem to suggest. His most recent foray saw him crop up on the Denver based Full Flavor imprint, with the “Bomb on Bomb” EP a package that’s very much indicative of its title.

Considering his background and standing in Detroit’s music scene, Monty’s also a man with friends in high places, and so it is that he drafts in producers of the calibre of Gerd and H-Foundation to remix the aforementioned. The latter opt for a deep and moody approach on their initial interpretation of “In Love with a Dancer”, with the track’s haunting, ubiquitous chords providing its most integral moments. Their “Tool” remix then takes matters down a slight notch, with a more sparse approach finding favour this time around. While it’s interesting, its more minimal ethos nonetheless means it lacks the excitement so prevalent in its bigger brother.

It’s Gerd appearance here mind you, that was the original root of my excitement. Predictably, his contributions prove the highlight too, with his reworking of “Bomb on Bomb” every bit as enthralling and emphatic as his most recent output. The flourishing bass bins, the refined piano keys and the warped vocals are all channelled with expert ease, while the second of his remixes, the “NY Stomp” conjures up images of the Big Apple’s heady days of yore. How The Limelight, The Bunker and The Garage would all have revelled in this sound, one that’s every bit it as relevant and enticing now as it was way back then. Gerd is a producer of immense talent - with his latest endeavour only consolidating the fact.

Artist: Monty Luke
Title: Bomb On Bomb Remixes EP
Label: Full Flavor Music

TracklistIn Love With A Dancer (H Foundation remix)In Love With A Dancer (H Foundation tool)Bomb On Bomb (Gerd remix)Bomb On Bomb (Gerd NY Stomp remix)

Our rating: 8/10
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