Andrade - Inconditional EP on Hudd Traxx

Words by: Stephen Flynn
Posted: 20/11/12 7:08

French producer Andrade has long harbored a propensity for quality-laden, underground house, and it’s a relationship he explores further on his maiden release for British imprint Hudd Traxx. For the most part, he continues where he left off too, with the “Inconditional” EP almost as fetching as his last serving: the much-vaunted strands of the Bass Culture signed “Die Nacht”.

A gentle and beguiling start to matters eases the listener in, with “Housed” concocted with a series of warm, ethereal and synthetic grooves at its core. Moody yet glorious, it really springs to life courtesy of its many delicate chords and weaving melodies, inviting us down a path that boasts both atmospheric and joyous connotations.

Title number “Inconditional” then adopts a different persona entirely, with its “swinging” attitude indicative (ironically) of Bass Culture records of old. Less intricate and more forthright than its predecessor, it’s perhaps also too concerned with making an impression. The sax licks and frantic Diddy-esque vocal sound forced and un-reciprocal, while they never really combine with the sort of cohesion one usually associates with an Andrade release.

On the other hand, “The Dragon Shot”, offers a far more conclusive snapshot into the very reasons why Andrade continues to be such a well-respected name in the realms of underground house music. Dark, menacing and robust, it showcases his innate ability to construct hypnotic, swelling and stirring tones with a certain textured aplomb.

Concluding effort “Deep Impact” makes heavy use of the producer’s well-documented penchant for clap-heavy sounds, as he again places the latter alongside more watertight house grooves. Laced with energy and a certain party-starter, it also ensures the record is signed off with trademark poise. Sophisticated, refined and classy, most of what’s going on here that could only be crafted by a Frenchman embarking on a very hot streak.

Artist: Andrade
Title: Inconditional EP
Label: Hudd Traxx

TracklistHousedIn conditionalThe Dragon ShotDeep Impact

Our Rating: 7.5/10


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