Time & Space Festival 2012 - Mexico - Celebrate the End of the World

Words by: Stephen Flynn
Posted: 12/11/12 9:37

Time & Space Festival - Mexico - Celebrate the End of the World Where were you on the 21st December? Shopping? Eating? Relaxing? Dancing? Well, if certain Mayanist scholars are to be believed, let’s hope it’s the latter, as according to these psychics of old, this date is set to mark the end of the world.

So, with this “inevitable” apocalypse impending, it’s probably best you grabbed your dancing shoes and fearlessly raved your way towards the earth’s culmination. Thankfully, a host of canny promoters share our exact sentiments, and have earmarked this date as the perfect time to host one hell of a send-off.

Mexico, lest we forget, was the home to the Mayan’s, and it’s also here where you’ll find some of the globe’s most stunning ruins. Naturally, it’s also a fitting destination for a right proper knees-up too, and so it is that Time and Space will descend on the Tulum Riviera Maya for three days of incessant partying. Kicking off the day before the apocalypse and going straight through until the 22nd December, the line-up is every bit as monumental as one should expect from such a party.

Littered with both esteemed international guests (Matador, Guy J, Blond:Ish, Paul Ritch, Ambivalent, Ellen Allien, Troy Pierce) and local stars (Louie Fresco, La Royale, Vazik, Marco Almanza), it’s one that’s bursting at the seams with talent, with numerous other DJs and live acts also set to appear.

The setting looks set to be equally spectacular too, with a stunning Oceanside backdrop as well as a host of stages and swimming proves offering an experience like few others. Indeed, the three-day soiree that’s been touted by the promoters as “a celebration that will transcend into the pages of history”. Regardless of whether the world does indeed end or not, the inaugural Time and Space still looks set to make quite an impression.

Time and Space - The 2012 Countdown Festival, Mexico
Special Guests: Alex & Allyson Grey (Live Painting)

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