fabric London with Prosumer & Tama Sumo - Party Review

Words by: Stephen Flynn
Posted: 13/11/12 10:44

Prosumer & Tama Sumo @ fabric London - Saturday, 10th November 2012 - Party ReviewWhen it comes to unadulterated house music bliss, few DJs on this very earth are as revered (or indeed, respected) as Tama Sumo and Prosumer. Having made their respective names at Berlin’s infamous Panorama Bar, both are now very much considered global DJ commodities - with only the former still holding down a coveted residency at Berghain’s infamous sister club. Exactly why Prosumer parted ways with the club (and its affiliated Ostgut Ton agency) is still - to my knowledge at least - a mystery, although judging by the latest fabric crowd, he’s lost none of his vast pull in spite of the crossover.

Which is saying something, considering the raft of talent on offer in the London club this month alone. With Loco Dice appearing next Saturday and Ricardo Villalobos due the weekend after, this November might yet be one of their busiest months of the calendar year. Yet what was most striking about the crowd here wasn’t the fact that they’d turned up in their droves, but rather, was the sheer variety of the clubbers - as though the general ensemble had set out to mirror London’s very own cosmopolitan ways. A raft of nationalities took hold of Room 1 (where I found myself stationed for much of the night), ensuring the music was every bit as colourful as the diverse patrons. Sure, fabric might be overrun with tourists these days (and it might also offer an archetypical clubbing experience in the capital), but nights like the one in question are exactly why it’s still spoken on with such adoration and respect.

Danuel Tate proved an adept hand at setting the wheels in motion via a particularly energetic live. Incorporating two keyboards into the equation, his hour on stage featured a harmonious fusion of vocals and synths (and a smattering of both house and techno) as the Cobblestone Jazz founder ensured a worthy start to proceedings. His set also acted as an apt foil to Prosumer, who duly flirted (as he tends to do) between a variety of moods, with everything from the melancholy to the energetic thrown into an equation that pushed the atmosphere forward a further notch.

Chicago legends Virgo Four then took hold of proceedings for another live set in Room 1. While such programming (in my eyes at least) seemed to suggest a disappointing lack of cohesion (I’d have preferred to witness DJ set after DJ set between the headliners), the duo still laid down a predictably Chicago inspired set that did (whether on purpose or not) compliment the styles of both the Berlin dwelling main acts.

It was Tama Sumo who duly closed out the night, although there were times when few were sure if it was actually herself or Prosumer on deck duty or playing back-t-back. Regardless, classic cuts from the likes of Ron Hardy and labels a la FXHE quickly became the order of the night, with the track selections only becoming more obscure and more frantic as Sunday morning began to rear its head. While the whole occasion made for a pretty inspired night of music, my sole gripe was the programming, as I’m a firm believer that DJs of this calibre should be granted more than two hours at a time to truly flex their musically muscles. In that regard, I still think Prosumer and Tama Sumo are better suited to the intimate settings of Room 3. Still, it’s a pretty minor misgiving on my behalf, and with so much talent on offer both in Room 1 and elsewhere, fabric is still rightly renowned as one of the capital’s (if not the globe’s) true clubbing jewels.

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