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Words by: Peter Adkins
Posted: 21/11/12 7:25

Lucidflow... In The GrooveDeep sounds for electronic music lovers in clubs and on sofas” is how Nadja Lind describes Lucidflow, the digital label she co-founded with fellow producer Helmut Ebritsch in 2009. And, as you might expect from the head honcho, she’s not wrong.

Originally a outlet for her and Helmut’s deep and warm house grooves, it has since bloomed into a platform for house producers both established and fresh.

With an aesthetic commitment to woozy, high-end underground house that has been championed by everyone from Silicone Soul to Hernan Cattaneo to Dub Taylor, Lucidflow has established itself as one of the most consistently reliable digital house imprints.

Not satisfied with staying still, recent years have seen the imprint is expanding at a rate that is exhausting to keep up with. In addition to their regular stream of house releases and DJ dates, the duo have launched a techno-orientated sub-label coined Im-Moral, mixed and compiled endless themed compilations, launched a merchandise range that includes Lucidflow T-Shirts and started to live stream show from the studio in Berlin on regular basis.

And with even more exciting prospects on the horizon, including their first vinyl release and whispered rumours of Slam readying something for the label, it looks like Lucidflow might be on the verge of becoming one of the biggest digital labels in house.

We caught up with Nadja and Helmut to talk about all Lucidflow.

Tell me a little about your backgrounds. Were you always into dance music?
Helmut Ebritsch: As a kid I was listening to Jean Michel Jarre, Art Of Noise, Yello and Kraftwerk, and I first began making strange noises on the Commodore C-64 in 1986. My first vinyl record was released in 1996, so I have been involved with dance music for a very long time.

Nadja Lind: [As a teen] I was totally hooked on heavy metal, but I came across electronic music around 1996. I found its repetitive soundscapes very confusing at first, but after taking my first pill I got it. In 2003 I started djing and got interested in the production side of electronic music a year later.

Why did you feel the need to start your own label?
Nadja Lind: [Originally] it was to have a platform for our own musical output. We had sent out demos [to other labels] but that was way too slow and inefficient.

Helmut Ebritsch: We wanted to have a free channel for our creative expressions. Later on we [realised] Lucidflow could also be a home for other artists, too.

How easy or difficult was it to set up Lucidflow?
Nadja Lind: In the beginning every little step seemed to take ages and we had to rethink decisions from one release to the next. We didn’t have the financial background to hire professionals, Helmut and I did everything ourselves: mastering, design, web-programming, A&R and press releases. It’s was a lot of work, but on the other hand it didn’t feel like what you might associate with ‘work’.

Tell me about the first release. How did it come about, what was the reaction like?
Nadja Lind: Our first release was Klartraum’s All Dimensions and it was a big success for a new born digital label. We got massive responses from DJs such as Josh Wink, Miss Kittin and DJ Hell, which was very encouraging!

Helmut Ebritsch: It was really overwhelming, as on its release it went straight into the Beatport charts. A deep thank you to all people who bought our tracks and showed their appreciation!

Since then you’ve put out records from other artists, including former LFO member G-Man. How did that hook-up happen?
Nadja Lind: I’ve was a massive fan of his Quo Vadis record and had played the vinyl out countless times, so when this guy Gez Varley contacted me via Myspace, asking me if I’d like to a remix one of his tracks I thought it was one of my friends trying to pull my leg! But it was him and I did the remix, which was then voted as one of Groove Magazine’s Top 10 remixes of 2008!

Since then we’ve become friends and done more work together, we’ve got a new collaborative EP on the sublabel Im-Moral soon!

Are you open to fledgling artists sending you promos?
Nadja Lind: Yes. Our label is very personal so we have to feel a certain resonance with the personality of any artists we take on, so there must be some personal information included with the demos that artists send to us! No mass mailouts! Artists can send us demos via our Soundcloud dropbox.

In the three years you’ve been putting out records, what’s been your biggest challenge?
Helmut Ebritsch: Our first Lucidflow Album, Klartraum’s Evolution, was a very big challenge, because we were working too much on it and tried to do too many things on our own.

Nadja Lind: For me it’s been learning to ask for what I want and also saying ‘no’, especially to people I am close to.

Have illegal downloads been an issue for you guys?
Nadja Lind: Yes, a big issue indeed.

Helmut Ebritsch: The small underground electronic scene would bloom much more if there were no illegal downloads. [People] use stolen credit cards to download our tracks from Beatport and then spread them [illegally].

Nadja Lind: It’s very sad to find releases on warez servers before their release date, and there are even people who ask me via Facebook where they can illegally download my tracks because they ‘love’ my music.

I wonder if they also go to a supermarket and take all they need without paying. On the other hand I understand that you can get easily drawn into this attitude when everything you want is just a click away.

You’re releasing Making A Difference EP on vinyl later this year, with Funk D’Void and Silicone Soul both providing remixes. Are you hoping to release more vinyl releases in the near future?
Nadja Lind: Yes this will be a very special release, it’s a [proud] statement of Lucidflow’s third year of existence and our appreciation to the fans and friends who made this happen.

Helmut Ebritsch: I’m sure that Lucidflow will bring some special vinyl records in the future, but there is no schedule for [further phyiscal releases at the moment].

Let’s talk about the label’s name. Can you elaborate on it a little?
Helmut Ebritsch: Lucidflow is related to a state of mind that is known to musicians, dancers, meditators and even computer programmers. It is a state where everything falls into place and every action is right.

In this state the “I” disappears fully and the life energy streams directly through the body system. Check out the book Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

What are your long term ambitions with the label? Any dream acts you’d like to sign?
Helmut Ebritsch: I think one of the ambitions is to connect to more fans. Dream acts [I would love] to sign Maceo Plex, Slam and Murcof . I’m sure there is a possibility of seeing [some of them] on Lucidflow in the future!

Nadja Lind: My dream release would be a Klautraum remix of Metallica! Meow! On my personal wish list, I’d also like to put out St Germain and Lulu Rouge amongst others. I would also like to sign more female producers but this still doesn’t seem to be an easy task.

Started: 07.07.2009
Contact: contact (at)
Radio shows: Sonic.FM facebook (every 1st Friday of the Month)
Sceen.FM facebook (every 2nd Thursday)

DCD020 - Nadja Lind - Brain Candy Remixed Compilation
DCD018 - New series: Nadja Lind Turning In Meditation Vol. 1
LF037 - Klartraum - Indian Spirit
LF036 - Lucidflow - Nadja Lind, Yapacc, D. Diggler, Paul Loraine

Klartraum - Angelo (Connected EP + Evolution Album)
Nadja Lind & Paul Loraine - Great Mistake (Great Mistake EP)
Klartraum - Sell Your Soul (Secret Moon Album)
Nadja Lind - Strandzeit (Sunspots EP)
Klartraum - Unique Shadow Steve Rachmad Vocal Dub (Unique Shadow EP)
Klartraum - Passion Marek Hemmann Remix (Evolution Remixes Album)

LF038 - Grunbox and Nadja Lind - High Heels Trap
Quintin, Mood Warp & Vandermeer - Illusion (rmx Hatikvah, Nadja Lind)
Nadja Lind & Paul Loraine Making A Difference Vinyl (rmx Funk D’Void, Silicone Soul, Helmut Ebritsch)
Label Artist
Klartraum, Nadja Lind, Helmut Ebritsch, Paul Loraine, Mirza-Zadeh, G-Man aka Gez Varley aka LFO, Helly Larson & Riccicomoto, Terje Saether, Leenny, Universal Language, Steve Rachmad, Saytek, Nick Robson, Silky, Alex Kaddour & Goiko, Carlos Sanchez, DJ Ray, Terry Francis, UGLH, Deep Spelle, Grunbox, Onur Ozman, Silicone Soul, The Ascent, CDT, Dave Marian, Hatikvah, Ja.Sha, Lokua, Markojux, Ocean Gaya, Raumpraegung, Yapacc, Yate, Chopstick, Chris Lattner, Dunck, Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile, Hienergy, Jeff Fontaine, Johnjon, Klunk, Marek Hemmann, Mark Henning, Micro Acid, Nils Penner, Oliver Schories, Paul EG, D. Diggler, Sasch BBC & Caspar, Eddie Richards, Ali Khan, Blatancy, Dub Taylor

Nadja Lind & Paul Loraine 'Making A Difference' EP Vinyl


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