Rick Wade - Night Addiction EP on Hold Youth

Words by: Kristan Caryl
Posted: 29/11/12 14:10

Rick Wade makes no bones about the fact that he churns out a lot of tracks and is willing to sell them to anybody with the money to pay. Not all of them are gold, but more than enough are to make him one of the most assured Detroit descendants of the modern day. Happily, it seems French friends Le Loup and Seuil have got the best from the man for the fifth release on their compact and bijou imprint, Hold Youth.

By know we know Wade’s MO - crisp techno lines with a deep house feeling stretched out over the course of six hypnotising minutes. He colours his rhythms just enough to keep you locked, with nothing out of place and the gentle unfolding of time key to everything coming together for maximum impact with minimum effort.

Night Addiction’ is the first of two originals and is a low-down but tensile brew of scraping perc’ underpinned by a snaking, prowly bassline. Bright but distant pads and twisted stabs are the only thing that pepper the unbroken beats below and allow Wade to lock you in a permanent state of stasis.

The same track remixed by the label bosses together as Hold Youth is a more billow-y affair where kicks break free, guttural and alien synth sounds get folded into the molten metal bassline and the mood is much more one of sci-fi apocalypse.

The only other person to release on this label thus far is S3A aka Sampling is an Art, here providing another remix of ‘Night Addiction’ that bumps with a bright disco funk and has streaming melodies racing by like colours on a merry-go-round.

Enter Dawn’ is Wade’s closing gambit, this one kicking with a sharper edge than the first. It’s still a loopy affair that builds in phrases, though more layers exist here –human breaths slip between distant bell sounds and thin pads as a muffled bassline bounces way off in the distance. Introspective and melancholic whilst providing a physical enough punch for it to do damage on the dancefloor, Wade’s sonic economy yet efficiency is still to be bettered

Artist: Rick Wade
Title: Night Addiction EP
Label: Hold Youth

TracklistNight AddictionEnter DawnNight Addiction (Hold Youth Remix)Night Addiction (S3A Remix)

Our Rating: 7/10
Rick Wade


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