Quintin Christian & Vandermeer - Bred For Pleasure EP on Lower East

Words by: Kristan Caryl
Posted: 6/12/12 14:40

Lower East have churned out plenty of releases since their inception, with this new entry into their discography from Quintin Christian & Vandermeer marking the 27th in just two years. And it’s achingly of the now, combining sultry electronics with mildly tortured male vocals into a buffed up brew of melodically rich house music.

Infatuation’ aches like its title suggests, wallowing in minor chords as kicks and claps reluctantly swing below. A bulbous bassline lurks throughout and though the production is poised and polished, it’s rather too familiar sounding to really standout.

Canadian and No 19 stalwart James Teej tackles the remix by upping the tempo and allowing the melody phrases a little ore room to swoop and swoon. It’s better as result, and the grittier claps here have extra bite, engaging you more than the lassiez-faire vibes of the original.

The next original ‘Trouble In Paradise’ is another improvement again: a thick bassline (reminiscent of Gwen Guthrie’s ‘Aint Nothing Going on But the Rent’) is the main hook, craftily furnished with a distant patter of glassy tinkles and well swung claps. The whole thing is laced up with nebulous harmonic bell sounds and waify melodies to make for some part nu disco, part deep house.

Closer ‘Clavier a Lumieres’ is the icing on the cake though. Here the stuttering beats float much freer in vast open spaces with hits and claps landing at unexpected points to rough up the rhythm yet further. More dream like clouds of melody get subtly smeared in the background and its hard to believe the standard sounds of the EP opener came from the same studio as this much less predictable offering. More like this and Quintin Christian & Vandermeer will go far.

Artist: Quintin Christian & Vandermeer
Title: Bred For Pleasure EP
Label: Lower East

TracklistInfatuation (Original Mix)Infatuation (James Teej Remix)Trouble In Paradise (Original Mix)Clavier a Lumieres (Original Mix)

Our Rating: 8/10
Quintin Christian & Vandermeer


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