Peace Division - Blacklight Sleaze EP on Dogmatik

Words by: Paul Corey
Posted: 17/12/12 9:39

Remixing a classic is never an easy task, and 'Blacklight Sleaze', one of an elite number of tracks able to make dynamic use of length-long spoken word sample without sounding hackneyed, probably didn't need the attention. The spine of the track is a monologue by polyvalent American performer Pleasant Gehman, without which it's difficult to imagine it existing. The test for any remixer, I suppose, is what to do with its most distinguishing characteristic while still coming up with something fresh.

The challenge is risen to though. Dyed Soundorom, whose recorded output has been overshadowed by his DJing keeps it light and, in the process, creates a haunting seven minute interpretation which scatters the vocal to the winds, interrupting it with delicate chimes and airy percussion. There's a disembodied feel to it which adds to its dreamy ambience and overall dubby sensibility.

Gerd's two remixes add further detail to the narrative and, like Soundorom's, feel tailor-made to arouse the parts more straightforward tunes cannot reach. The 'Acid Sleaze' remix twists the vocal out of shape and gives it a set of balls in the process. The 303 is restrained which adds to the foreboding mood. Offering a contrast to this is the 'Tough Sleaze' remix, which comes on like a more refined piece of classic Relief, lacking a little urgency but compensating for this with depth. It's the most animated track of this package and provides a welcome change in tempo.

It's difficult to say whether or not the three remixes here add anything to the original, but I don't suppose it's fair to keep on expecting radical overhauls of tunes always becoming classics in their own right. The original version with its crisp drums, flanged bass, insect-like keys and aforementioned monologue will still be the definitive version for most I'm sure, but the remixes here do offer a slightly different shade of intensity and in so doing justify their inclusion.

Artist: Peace Division
Title: Blacklight Sleaze EP
Label: Dogmatik

TracklistBlacklight Sleaze (Dyed Soundorom Rmx)Blacklight Sleaze (Original)Blacklight Sleaze (Gerd's Acid Sleaze)Blacklight Sleaze (Gerd's Tough Sleaze)

Our rating: 7/10
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