Uto Karem - Wherever the bass takes me EP on Agile Recordings

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 18/12/12 9:11

The lofty title “Wherever the Bass Takes Me” suggests something grandiose. In reality, this is a standard issue two-track record of big room house just in time for the holidays. There’s nothing special about either track here, decent bass line and clean production should hit the spot for discerning DJs looking for a punchy floor filler. There are also those who line entire sets with fodder such as this. I Voice disavows all knowledge of such DJs and we will only concern ourselves with the former group rather than the latter in regards to this review.

It’s never a good sign when a review needs to be handicapped, in the case of the A-side track, “Taking Me”, it comes in the form of “this is good for the peak hour only”. Guys like Sergio Fernandez, Mark Knight, and even Uto belt out tracks like this for the big show every weekend but if a DJ happens to be less stratospheric the variation needed to a move smaller room just isn’t there. Not that versatility is necessary for a ropy belter like this one. Inside the context of a mix, this is a fine enough selection for a few different kinds of DJs, but musically it’s a bit slim in the creativity department.

On the b-side, “Earth Link” is a little more flexible, strengthening the value of the release overall. Whereas “Taking Me” offered a linear approach that had few musical flourishes outside of the groove, the flip side explores a few different elements. There is a Latin house feel skirting around the edges of the tracks, popping up where the beats are accented and the little fills that introduce new sounds. The slappy snare beats recall DJ Sneak, while the grooving bass line straddles the line between pumping funky house and the deeper stuff. It’s not perfect, the overall vibe is still a little monochromatic like “Taking Me”, but it just good enough to be considered good enough.

Artist:  Uto Karem
Title: Wherever the bass takes me EP
Label: Agile Recordings

TracklistTaking Me (Original Mix)Earth Link (Original Mix)

Our rating: 6/10
Uto Karem


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