Little Hado - Untitled EP on Moscow Records

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 19/12/12 8:45

Untitled generally means work-in-progress, so perhaps a better title would be “Unfinished”, untitled is such a hipster copout for a title anyway. A keen music enthusiast can’t help but feel that the label was either too lazy or too aloof to come up with a proper title – even it happened to be as bad as “Baba O’Reilly”. Both tracks feel more like rough sketches from the notable Romanian producer Little Hado, although both have some cool bits in them and adhere well to the fledgling Moscow imprint’s need for some darkness in their sound, a move that can only be applauded in this age of soft everything.

The cleverly titled leadoff, “Untitled A1”, comes off as non-decript and static as that old white and yellow-labeled generic beer that once lined shelves of convenience stores sometime between 1981-1985. The tooly aspects actually aren’t all that bad, it’s just the sparseness and distance between musical elements that makes this funky hitch beat house sound naked and thin. Those are two no-nos in this style of music and as such this track has some serious, if not fatal, flaws.

The b-side, “Untitled B2”, hangs a little tougher musically than it’s a-side companion. Although the slight break beat feel that made the leadoff track interesting is lacking, the sparseness of the tool arrangement here works much more effectively. One of the reasons is the more linear approach to the production to keep things simple and straightforward. It works even if it’s a limitation on what this track can do. Overall, this track is cohesive enough to salvage the release and make it worth a recommendation.

Artist:  Little Hado
Title: Untitled EP
Label: Moscow Records

TracklistUntitled AUntitled B

Our rating: 6/10
Little Hado


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