Double Trouble Productions presents Rhythmatic Gets Perlonized

Words by: Carlos Hawthorn
Posted: 27/11/12 8:02

Double Trouble Productions presents Rhythmatic Gets PerlonizedAfter another successful year in the promotion game, London-based party planners Rhythmatic bring 2012 to a close with what could well be their most highly-anticipated event of the season. Ready to embrace one of the most infamous verbs in underground dance music, the twin pairing of Kiri and Kostas Poulos, founders of Double Trouble Productions, have invited esteemed German label Perlon to make their mark on as-yet-undisclosed East London basement.

The Berlin-based label, run by Zip and Markus Nikolai, has been putting out experimental, cutting-edge house and techno for over 15 years, racking up releases from the likes of Luciano, Margaret Dygas and of course, Ricardo Villalobos. Representing the imprint on the eve of Saturday 8th of December will be none other than Thomas Melchior and Fumiya Tanaka.

Today, Melchior stands as one of the more steadfast members of our scene. A key player in the minimal explosion of the early noughties, he has never wavered from his eclectic mandate, consistently pushing boundaries using his wide and varied collection of aliases (Soul Capsule, Ohm, Vulva/Yoni). Having established a strong working relationship with Perlon over the years, Thomas has developed an intrinsic understanding of the music and ethos that defines them, making his performances at their parties that little bit more special.

Joining him will be Japanese DJ and producer Famiya Tanaka. Known for his penchant for hard techno, Tanaka's output on Perlon has so far been of a deeper, more serene nature. Tough yet soulful, his sets explore minimal electronic music in a unique and vibrant context.

As if that wasn't enough cause for celebration, two of the respected team of Rhythmatic in-house residents will be celebrating their birthdays on the night. Head of Moscow Records Archie Hamilton is a seasoned DJ on the London circuit, while Brazilian born Wesley Razzy is ever busy leaving his indelible mark on the dance-floors of the capital's top nightclubs.

Renowned for their audiophile tendencies, any Perlon night is carefully sonically curated to ensure the best performance from the sound system. Fusing the experience and musical prowess of the label with Rhythmatic's professional, friendly approach to promotion, one wouldn't want to bet against this being another end of year sell-out show.

Double Trouble Productions Present Rhythmatic Gets Perlonized
Saturday 8th of December - 10PM – 7AM - East London Location

Thomas Melchior (Perlon, Berlin)
Fumiya Tanaka (Perlon, Berlin)
Stathis Lazarides (Rhythmatic, Cavo Paradiso)
Archie Hamilton (Rhythmatic, Moscow Records)
Wesley Razzy (Rhythmatic)

Double Trouble Productions presents Rhythmatic Gets Perlonized

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