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Words by: Ralph Turner
Posted: 17/1/13 10:02

Chronovision.... In The GrooveBorn and bred in Mauritius, JP Chronic moved to Spain over a decade ago. While his native country provided him with a stellar musical education, it was Spain (specifically Valencia, and more recently, Ibiza) that has provided him with true musical liberation and inspiration. While he regularly DJ’d across Spain in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, it was his move to Ibiza four years ago that’s seen him gain prominence outside of his adopted country.

Much of the latter is attributable to his relentless work ethic, his numerous DJ sets and his quality-laden productions on labels such as Muzik Express, Neurotraxx and Cubism. Increasingly however, it’s his label, CHRONOVISION that’s been garnering interest.

Having recently established the imprint with his good friend and fellow island dweller Luis Cossène, it’s proved a heady past few months too. That should come as little surprise, given Chronic’s desire to “represent our vision of what’s really happening on the music side of things in Ibiza”. The label then, sets out to promote the island’s finest artists, with the likes of Nima Gorji, Tuccillo and Cristian Viviano all having contributed to their “Winter Sampler”. The first taste of the label made quite an impression, with a host of discerning artists quick to clamber aboard the likes of JP’s own “Just for your own Insanity” and Gauthier DM’s “Return to Classic”. ‘Classic’ is an ethos close to the label’s heart too, as they’re similarly keen to release everything they put their hand to on vinyl.

So what else have CHRONOVISION got up their sleeve? Well, first off, there’s Chronic’s “Picture of You”, an energetic, sun-drenched anthem that wonderfully summarises all that’s great about the island he’s proud to call home. Then there’s the label’s latest release from Danish duo Anek, complete with a vocal contribution from a one Robert Owens and remixes by DJ W!ld, Veitengruber and Lee Brinx. With all this in mind, we called up the man himself to hear his side of the story...

We used to say, “if it’s not in your vision, don't take the decisions”. So we hope each & everyone of you finds your own
What's in the name of the label?
The name is CHRONOVISION Ibiza as its based in Ibiza and taken from an idea I had. I didn’t come up with it though, that was my creative partner, the one who’s in charge of the names, logos etc. We used to say, “if it’s not in your vision, don't take the decisions”. So we hope each and everyone of you finds your own CHRONOVISION...

Given how tough a market it is, why did you think the time was right to start a label?
After 4 years in Ibiza playing as a DJ and making some amazing connections with some great artists, I started work in a studio on the island. After I produced a steady flow of productions, I decided, along with my partner Luis Cossène, to make a platform for my music and the music of artists that I know and respect. There are so many labels out there that don’t really work behind the artist and the label. I’ve analysed and learned from other labels I’ve worked with, and am determined not to make the same mistakes.

Are there any labels that you are particularly fond of that have influenced your own, or that you would like to emulate?
We look to most of the big labels as references and we've been in the scene for long enough now to know how the amount of hard work involved. Labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Cadenza, Moon Harbour, Viva Music and many more have all influenced us, and I guess in a way, they’re the benchmark for what we’re trying to achieve…

What are you looking for in the music you want to release? What sort of vibe etc?
We are open to all kinds of underground electronic music, from deep to tech house to techno with rolling drums or dark baselines. But as DJs, we’re also receptive to a wide range of music from around the globe. We always aim to be original and not use the same template for 10 tracks though!

Will relationships with artists be important? Or is it just about the music?
A bit of both really. Obviously the music is key, but we’re also determined to ensure the promotion and media we get is strong so that the music reaches all the possible people. We also build relationships with our artists by adding them to our roster for global showcases. We’re already planning next summer in Ibiza too, where they’ll be DJing on rotation too. So yeah, we’re building a good profile for them and introducing them to our own connections, just things that most good labels already do really…

Do you hope to release any albums do you think?
We hope to release albums in the near future with my very own hopefully up first. But that won’t be until I have the time to work on it properly. But if we have enough great music from one artist then we won’t hesitate to put it out before then either. For now though, we’re more focused on letting the world know who we are and building the CHRONOVISION family via great music and remixers etc…

Will you release on vinyl at all? Is that medium important to you at all?
Yes, we press to vinyl first and then release digitally. All our vinyl releases are available at actually. Both my partner and myself are vinyl collectors. We come from a Technics background so we consider it very important to keep the culture and medium alive. In most of our sets we play with both CDs and vinyl to show the upcoming generation that it’s more fun to know how to really mix than to press a sync button…

Tell us about how you came to work with the artists on the two samplers you have released…
All the artists that are on the first two releases have been good friends and studio partners for some time now. We've partied, played and produced together, and I have released on their labels also. They’re like my little CHRONOVISION Ibiza family, so big love to Gauthier DM, Mobius Strum, Cristian Viviano, Andre Butano, Anek and the rest…

Have you any more releases coming up that you can talk about?
Our next 2 releases coming up are from the amazing Viva Music duet Anek featuring the living legend that is Robert Owens on vocal duty. That’s been remixed by Circoloco resident DJ W!LD, Lower-east label boss Lee Brinx and 8bit & Plastic City’s Veitengruber so we’re pretty excited about it to say the least. We also have a very good groovy track from Belgium producer Dennis Caressa coming out soon, with remixes from Cafe d'Anvers residents Tofke & Ugur Yurt and music from Basti Grub also. They’re all artists that I play, love and respect and we’re very honoured to have them on the label…

Started: September 2012

CV001 - Various Artist - Ibiza launch Sampler 2012
CV002 - JP Chronic feat Yorgo - Picture of you (+ remixes)
CV003 - Anek feat Robert Owens - This World (+ remixes)

Cristian Viviano -  I mean (CV001 - V.A)

Artist coming up on next Chronovision releases: Darius Syrossian, Nick Holder, Amine Edge, Basti Grub, Javi Bora, Luca M, 2Vilas & many more...
Label Artists
JP Chronic, Cristian Viviano, Gauthier DM, Anek, Mobius Strum, Andre Butano & more coming up soon...


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