Will Saul & October - Light Sleeper EP on AUS Music

Words by: Stephen Flynn
Posted: 18/12/12 9:12

Much of my appreciation for Will Saul’s Aus label lies with their sheer refusal to be pigeonholed. To be fair, it also runs much deeper than that, and the reason I (and countless others) have fallen for the imprint has as much to do with the quality of the music on offer as it does their glaring eclecticism. Which is precisely why Will Saul’s return to his own label (alongside extensive tastemaker Julian ‘October’ Smith) is so exciting, right?

Well, yes, but not for any obvious reasons - and definitely not at first glance. Sure, “Light Sleeper” is worthy of its dues in that it’s a tidy and intricately produced record, but it’s also one void of any palpable appeal and one with a quality that the listener has to dig a little deeper than usual to unearth. It’s a bit of a “grower” then, but with little more than a semblance of crafty chords and a backdrop of subtle flangers and hats completing its equation, that should hardly come as a surprise.

…Yet at the same time, it’s also pretty stunning, with its leafy, dreamy hues suggestive of a fantasy land that’s at odds with much of the spineless music flooding the market. It’s hardly enough to make you comatose and is most definitely intriguing rather than it is tedious, but “Light Sleeper”, with its many drifting, meandering elements, is nothing if not aptly titled at the very least.

On the flip, another man with a knowing penchant for diversity, Kompakt’s Michael Mayer, does an adept job at sprucing matters up a bit. His remix adds a more fluid and forceful kick to proceedings, even though the terrain he follows is, for the most part, strikingly similar to the original. Matters enter their most exhilarating stage when Mayer cranks up the humid atmosphere by briefly jettisoning the many organ groans in favour of a more ominous – and even more sparse – outlook. Three producers, each one involved the boss of their own diverse imprints. The end result? A wonderful record of many moods - and one you definitely didn’t anticipate…

Artist: Will Saul & October
Title: Light Sleeper EP
Label: AUS Music

TracklistLight SleeperLight Sleeper (Michael Mayer Remix)

Our rating: 8/10
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