Evans & Waterfall - 0.01 EP on Dilate Records

Words by: Errol Leslie
Posted: 12/12/12 7:54

With a host of releases on the likes of Monique Musique, Viva and Lodo Records already under their belt, it’s clear that Sheffield based duo Daniel Evans and Danny Waterfall must be doing something right.  Better known by their stage name Evans & Waterfall, the pairing possess the sort of enviable innate talent that tends to shrewdly bounce off the other.

The maiden release for Evans' own Dilate label is indicative of the fact, while their A&R skills are showcased via the presence of two astutely selected remixers. The original meanwhile, the aptly titled “0.01”, is a track that’s produced with the sort of swagger and confidence not typically found in producers of a sparse – albeit relatively unblemished - discography. Curated around a menacing bassline and an underbelly of off-kilter sounds, it’s deep and delicious, and definitely crafted with the more “trippy” side of the night in mind.

Culprit label heads Droog are the first up on the remix front. Their reworking is practically the antithesis of the original, with its many shimmering hues and pitched back house-y tones ensuring it signs off with the sort of carefree poise that’s become their hallmark over the years.

Rainbow resident and One Records boss Adam Shelton then rounds off the package with a sterling re-animation that – akin to its predecessors – is brimming with even more colour and more dexterous vocals.

Artist: Evans & Waterfall
Title: 0.01 EP
Label: Dilate Records

Tracklist0.01 - Original Mix0.01 - Droog Remix0.01 - Adam Shelton Remix

Our rating: 7/10
Evans & Waterfall


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