Marcin Czubala - 75 Bucks EP on Tsuba

Words by: Stephen Flynn
Posted: 19/12/12 9:39

There was a time when Kevin Griffith’s Tsuba imprint was considered one of the UK’s most exciting, fledgling labels. After another year of seminal cuts however, it’s perhaps time we expunged this reputation in favour of one that’s in line with their consistent penchant for meticulously crafted house music and their increasingly global appeal.

Indeed, much of the imprint’s most celebrated moments have stemmed from Griffith’s most adept A&R duties, with Marcin Czubula the latest in a long list of fabled house purveyors to step up to the Tsuba plate. The creative force behind the Your Mama’s Friend imprint proves he’s no slouch when playing away from home either, with the “75 Bucks” EP indicative of his many inspirations.

The title track plays to the strength of the label, with its many Chicago-esque vibes a particularly firm feature. Czubala showcases his diverse wares here for the first time too, with a warped bass-led sound coming to prominence amongst an assembly of flickering keys.

Out For A False Alarm” meanwhile, is crafted on exactly the sort of manic tip its title suggests, with a horde of ravey stabs and pulverising kicks marking it out as a track of some distinction.

Flor De Calabaza” sees Czubala again make use of a myriad of complex moods, with this one produced with a more sinister and hypnotic disposition in mind.

House music has enjoyed a massive renaissance in recent times. Yet amidst all the clichéd soundscapes and generic methods that have come to dominate the market, there are still producers such as Marcin Czubala who go that extra length to make an impression. Hats off then, to Mr. Czubala and Tsuba for a job very well done indeed.

Artist: Marcin Czubala
Title: 75 Bucks EP
Label: Tsuba

Tracklist75 BucksOut For A False AlarmFlor De Calabaza

Our Rating: 8/10
Marcin Czubala


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