Ibiza's New Years Celebrations

Words by: Betty Swollocks
Posted: 28/12/12 10:30

So we weathered the apocalypse… or the end of the calendar as the Mayans called it, no doubt if they were still here they would be cracking open Ms January on the new one by now while the rest of civilization embraces another dooms day rumor. Wether you are in the new beginnings camp, the shit we're still here camp or the totally indifferent camp we are all united by the fact we are all still in this thing together and very shortly we will be welcoming in a new year. It seems a lot of people took heed of Nostradamous' advice and have made their way to Ibiza for the year ending 2012. Ibiza airport has been hectic to say the least, an unusual sight in winter. All the incoming flights are fully booked and so it seems Ibiza's new years celebrations are going to be rather large this year. Allow us to give you our rundown of the must do celebrations this festive period.

Underground Underground
Lets face it, New Years Eve for the most part is a perpetual anticlimax. You generally find yourself somewhere pretty lame for the twelve bells and then the rest of the evening ends up seeming like the social equivalent of spooning a one night stand after you have blown your goo in your pants. So what's the solution you ask.. Simple! Go somewhere that rarely disappoints. Underground has been one of he most consistent musical venues in Ibiza over the last twelve years. Attracting a cosmopolitan mix of seasoned party people, ranging from the Island jet-set to the dreadlocked dog on a string brigade, Underground is a microcosm of everything that made Ibiza one of the most unique party destinations in the world, it's one of the few places that still holds true to those old school balearic values. Authentic is the word that best describes the Underground experience.

Line-up: TBA

Boutique Hostal Salinas Boutique Hostal Salinas
The hot ticket this new year's has got to be Boutique Hostal Salinas. Vitalik and Never Alone will once again join forces to unite the tribes for the kind of party that has already become a thing of infamy. This time round they have similar cast of Island players in the lounge, the downstairs suites will be hosted by another of Ibiza's home grown labels, Une Records.

Upstairs things get weird with Sunny Ramzan's unique brand of Karaoke. Party suites are available for hire and the 3am - DC10 running times along with it's proximity to DC10 make this good option for those want to stay off the roads... remember party tuff but party safe kids!

Line-up: Ryan O Gorman, Bones, Brydie Tong, Robert Cashin, Jaime Fiorito, Alfredo, Borja & Ruger +++ A Special Surprise Guest

DC10 DC10
Ibiza has toyed with the idea hosting full scale new years celebrations for some time. At the turn of the millennium Manumission packed the gargantuan Privilege and Carry On did likewise at Space on New Years Day. Amnesia too had a crack at it at some point. Strangely it all went a bit quiet for a while. Then Circo Loco took up the mantle and suddenly it all made sense. What better place to gather the Islands merry makers than DC10. When they get it right NYD at DC10 is one of, if not THE best Circo Loco parties of the year. Absent for the most part of dirty tourists, DC10 on NYD is a highly focussed beam of the Islands dedicated party faithful, this is for most, the main event.

Line-up: Dan Ghenacia, Matthias Tanzmann, Dyed Soundorom, The Martinez Brothers, D'Julez, Clockwork, Shonkey, Boris Werner, Sossa, Tato, Rene, Negru, Garagem, Ivo Toscano

Sankeys Sankeys
New kids on the block Sankeys have quickly carved out their identity in Ibiza with their no frills approach to clubbing. A dark room, a smoke machine, a strobe and a soundsystem, add some good music and what more do you need?

Line-up: Tobi Neumann, Alex Picone, Luis Groove, Jonathan Tena, Bones

Pacha Pacha
On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Pacha for those that like a little glitz and glamour with their new years celebrations. Riva Star and Tuccillo head the bill for the fist of Pacha's big parties post Whittle.

Line-up: DJ Mariano Grande, DJ Sergio Mussa, DJ David Olerart, DJ Tuccillo, DJ Riva Starr

Aura Aura
Aura has become the furthest northern post of Ibiza's club culture carving out a sizable niche with it's fine dining and dancing experience. Taking care of musical proceedings for new years will be DJ Antz, tried and true on the one's and two's. Accessible fun for the north-side ex-pat crew.

Line-up: DJ Antz and co.



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