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Words by: Peter Adkins
Posted: 15/1/13 8:45

Noir is Defected’s ‘In The House’ series needs little introduction. The mixed compilation series, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, has seen some of the biggest names in dance music step up to the decks to deliver their own definitive take on house music. From the 2003 entry from Kenny Dope to label owner Simon Dunmore’s contribution to last year’s mix from Kevin Saunderson, the prestige associated with being asked to mix an ‘In The House’ compilation is considerable.

As such, you can see why Defected asked Noir, aka Denmark’s René Kristensen, to mix their first ‘In The House’ of 2013. After-all, the last eighteen months have seen the Danish DJ and producer go from strength to strength. From co-releasing Around, which would go onto be one of the biggest tracks of 2012 to managing Noir Music to even greater heights, it would seem Kristensen has something of a golden touch. And now, with his two disc odyssey through the best of contemporary house, it would appear that he is looking to cement his position at the top of the house pile.

I Voice caught up with the producer to find out more about his forthcoming mix.

Before we talk about the compilation, how did you first come to get in touch with Defected?
I have admired what [label owner] Simon Dunmore’s done for house music since the 1980s, and have been in touch with him for many years on and off. So, when he first approached me about working together to re-release Around [on Defected] I felt very honoured. I played hard to get in the beginning, but the whole Defected crew convinced me that they were all good guys and house lovers, and I feel very good about the relations we have today.

And how did the ‘In The House’ opportunity come about?
It was Simon’s idea. Firstly, I was asked to mix the first disco on their Miami 2012 compilation and that was really well received, so I guess they took the next step and decided to ask me to create my own ‘In The House’ compilation for them.

It’s the first commercial mix CD you’ve put out. Why haven’t you released one before now?
I have never had the resources to do so on Noir Music. We [put out] digital and vinyl editions of almost every we release we do, but to go into the CD market is just [too much] for me to get involved with alone.

The concept was to stay true to what I have actually supported in the clubs.
It’s a classic journey from the early hours to late in the night....
Fair enough. The ‘ITH’ series has a long history with everyone from Kenny Dope to Jazzy Jeff to Dimitri From Paris having previously contributed mixes. Did you feel a lot of pressure, knowing the series’ legacy?
I didn’t think about that to be honest. I decided quite early on in the process what I wanted to do with the mix and just went from there, not thinking or over analysing things. It’s an honour for me to have done a compilation in a famous series, but I didn’t think about that [aspect of it] whilst I was compiling and mixing it.

How did you approach the track selection for the mix?
My approach has always been to try to be one step ahead [of the crowd], rather than two behind. But with this compilation I decided not to get carried away with exclusive tracks, new promos, unreleased material and so on. At an early stage I decided to just collect a good range of tracks that I have been playing a lot in 2012 and 2013, and that I know work really well and sound unique in the clubs.

Did you have a specific concept in mind when you were crafting the tracks into a whole?
The concept was to stay true to what I have actually supported in the clubs. It’s a classic journey from the early hours to late in the night.

So is the mix quite close to what we might expect to hear if we came to see you spin in a club?
It’s actually very close, depending on what time I’m [scheduled] to be playing on any given night. Of course, I change my track selection everyday so you might not hear anything from the compilation [if you came to see me DJ], but it might also be a night where I chose to play some of the tracks.

When I played for Defected on New Year’s Eve, I think I played six or seven tracks from the compilation, just because it felt right.

It’s a two disc compilation, which I often think are quite hard to get right. How did you ensure that both discs didn’t sound too samey?
The first disc is quite melodic and with a lot of vocal tracks, whilst the second CD is more groovy, beats and loops orientated with less vocals. Kind of how I would imagine a [set] would build in a club.

NoirThere’s two new remixes from yourself on the mix. Were these remixes you produced a while back or did you do them with the compilation in mind?
The remix of Intruder’s Jei’Amame is a new remix I just did, whereas the remix of Jason Jinx’s Your First Time is a special edit that [I’d made] use in my sets this year. As with almost everything I do, these both happened ‘on the fly’.

Whilst toying around with acapellas for the mix I got the idea for the Jei’ Amame remix and just went for it, and the edit of Your First Time is something I’ve had for a while.

I do a lot of edits, I’d say that eighty percent of tracks I play out have been edited, either re-arranged, shortened or have had production added to them. The compilation is full of edits that you will only be able to hear in the mix, they won’t be available as single downloads.

You’ve said for a while that you’re working on a debut album. Is the sound and feel of this mix a clue as to what your album might sound like?
No, not at all. The album will be more electronica orientated… well, right now (as we speak) I am actually working on a more acoustic sounding track from the album. I haven’t had much studio time in 2012, so the album is no way near a shape where I can tell you whether it will have a specific sound. All I can say is that it’s going to be ten to twelve songs and not just ten to twelve club tracks.

I look forward to hearing it! Finally, do you have a favourite track on the mix?
That’s a very hard question to answer because I love them all. I am very pleased with the remix I did of Jei’ Amame on the first disc. I feel it is one of my best remixes to date. From the second disc, I would choose Tim Green’s Reed. It is one of the tracks that I played the most in 2012. No one else seemed to have picked it up, it’s had some amazing reactions in the clubs and I feel it is a very unique track.

01. dOP 'Kisses' (Original Mix)
02. Nick Curly 'Underground'
      Nick Curly 'Underground' (Noir's Aha Vocal Tool)
03. Noir 'Are One' (Noir In The House Edit)
      Intruder (A Murk Production) featuring Jei 'Amame'
      (Spoken Word Acapella)
04. Intruder (A Murk Production) featuring Jei 'Amame'
      (Noir Is In The House Remix)
Intruder (A Murk Production) featuring Jei 'Amame'
      (Amame Accapella)
05. Paolo Rocco 'That I Am'
06. Kevin Over 'Hood Funk' (Original Mix)
Mike Dunn presents The MD X-Spress
      'Feel The Muzik' (Loopapella)
07. Santé vs MD X-Spress 'This Is House'
08. Hollis P Monroe featuring Overnite 'If You Have A Doubt'
      (Argy Vocal Mix)
09. Sandy Rivera 'Changes' (Original Mix)
      Noir 'Satisfied' (Aih apella)
10. Noir 'Satisfied' (House Vocal Mix)
     Ben Watt 'Lone Cat' (Holding On) (Acapella)
11. Maya Jane Coles 'What They Say' (Dyed Soundorom Remix)
12. Pele & Shawnecy 'Focus' (Original Mix)
13. Affkt 'Jakla' (Gorge Remix)
14. Nick Harris 'Situation' (Redux Vocal)
01. Nina Kraviz 'Pain In The Ass'
     (Lewis Boardman’sGreatest Pain In The Ass Remix)
02. Audiofly and Close Sense 'Gonzo'
03. Ilario Liburni 'Crapkin'
Mike Dunn presents The MD X-Spress 'Do Yo'
     (House Dance) (Accapella)
04. Yousef 'Beg' (Hot Since 82 Future Mix)
05. Claudia Lovisa 'Nightrider' (Tim Green Remix)
06. Tim Green 'Reed'
Mike Dunn presents The MD X-Spress
     'Feel The Muzik’ (Loopapella)
07. Will Monotone 'Fiona'
08. Rampa & Re.You 'The Track'
09. Mike Star ft Mama 'Love Away' (Douglas Greed Remix)
10. Phil Kieran & White Noise Sound 'Never Believed'
     (Noir Remix)
11. Noir & Fraser Owen '&U' (Original Mix)
12. Shlomi Aber 'We Dont Fit' (Original Mix)
13. Ramon Tapia 'Beat Toy' (Original Mix)
Gel Abril 'Spells of Yoruba' (Accapella)
14. Jason Jinx featuring Paul Alexander 'Your First Time'
     (Noir’s 2013 Pull)
Jason Jinx featuring Paul Alexander 'Your First Time'
     (The First Time You Felt House Tool)
15. Mikalogic 'Supernova' (Original Mix)
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