Elrow Madrid 2.0 @ La Riviera - Party Review

Words by: Lena Kochetkova
Posted: 31/1/13 9

Elrow Madrid 2.0 @ La Riviera, Saturday, 26 January 2013 - Party Review
At a quarter to midnight on January, 26, La Riviera, a club with 2500 capacity, was not yet open, but a big excited crowd of party-goers was already queuing outside despite of the yet cold temperatures at that time in the night. By 1am the dancefloor got pretty busy, which is a rare phenomenon if we talk about clubbing in general, and even rarer at such a late country as Spain where clubs usually start to fill up not earlier than 3am. But things become quite understandable taking into account that the party unreservedly sold out all pre-sale tickets and only a little more were left to be sold at the door. Elrow came to Madrid for the second installment of their buoyant frenzy.

The show unfolded along magical Arabic motives: turbans, kufiyas, abayas, faces painted with gold. As always, there were no barriers between the stage and the public. Stilt walkers made their way through the crowd, letting the punters pull a green plush snake from the basket, dozen of inflated toys came down as manna from heaven, and two washing machines the DJ’s equipment rested upon added the final stroke to the phantasmagoria.

Elrow’s perception of a DJ’s role is reasonably down-to-earth: this is a person responsible for the soundtrack of the night, but not the one and only axis the party revolves on. Here they select guest DJs so that there is nothing left hanging. Last Saturday saw the headlining duo Supernova framed by Aitor Rinda and Mario Biani (preceding) and Raul Mezcolanza (following) deliver a stream of bouncy tech-house.

Raul, whose duty was to close the night, states it that the notorious Elrow vibe remains almost the same, no matter where the party takes place. So, the resident DJs don’t actually need to adapt their sets – the only difference is that in Ibiza the crowd is more internationally mixed-up. Raul played on the island 2 times a month last summer, including Elrow Ibiza opening and closing, and talks sense. By his personal example he proves it that Elrow residents don’t just turn up right before their sets and sneak off straight afterwards – they are used to be present from start to finish to share the experience with all the huge party family.

Elrow in Barcelona began their way to stardom as a morning party, but lately had to switch to the afternoon regime because of governmental restrictions. “The opening hours have changed. Some like it and some don’t. But the atmosphere and the essence of the party are still the same. The quality of entertainment and the involvement of the party-goers in this electronic opera, which is the base of the project, remains the same”, - says Juan Arnau Duran from the famous dynasty of promoters who created Florida 135, Monegros Desert Festival and Elrow. Last December the Arnaus almost monopolized the Vicious Music Awards, topping such categories as the best club, the best festival and the best promoter in Spain, as well as the special honorary award for their contribution to the development of the electronic music business in the country. In Madrid the party occurred during the night shift and didn’t seem to lose a scrap of its charm. No wonder – a brilliant concept remains brilliant anytime, anywhere.

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