Wirik - EAP EP on Blaq Records

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 27/2/13 9:50

EAP is an acronym for “Earth Aztlan Protest”, a cryptic political message probably related to the political unrest that continues to grip Mexico from a rather cryptic Canadian artist by the name of Wirik.

Wirik makes music untouched by the latest trends, drawing upon influences outside the realm of dance music that keep his releases feeling like they are unstuck in time and falling out of some other dimension. Fortunately, Mexico City’s Blaq imprint has built an entire label upon artists and music just like Wirik’s, making this release a perfect pairing of two forces.

The title track has to be a protest track, it comes out of the gate with tumbling percussion that sounds angry, really angry. Maybe it’s all the reverb or maybe it’s the industrial, EBM leanings of the music? Wirik taps into the rage that techno has been skirting for quite sometime despite the relentless nature of the music that has drawn many a bored ex-punk or metal head into its machinations. The industrial/techno connection is a hot ticket item at the moment with many hipper, clean-shaven producers dabbling in the genre’s black magic for newly revitalized mojo. Wirik’s version of the hybrid seems less contrived and made in a far more organic manner than most others have done.

Gravedad” is much murkier with a jittery percussion and tinny hi-hat clack derivative of the Belgian New Beat and EBM eras of what now seems like an alternate reality - happening so long ago. The tribal drum circle breakdowns and minimal melodies recall the D.I.Y spirit of the early Burning Man zeitgeist before it morphed into the typical American consumerist free-for-all that most big things there eventually succumb to in the end.

The core of Wirik’s inviting sound is explored on the closer – Señales de Vida. That core consists of a long, slow boiling intro that builds into muted ambient textures. He lets that hold for awhile before adding individual layers of melody and percussion to keep the retro-tinged music compelling as it unfolds without hurry. The results are always late-night compelling and this track is no exception.

Artist: Wirik
Title:  EAP EP
Label: Blaq Records

TracklistEAPGravedadSenales de Vida

Our rating: 7.5/10


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