Francesco Tarantini - Neapolis EP on Analog

Words by: Ralph Turner
Posted: 27/2/13 9:49

Italian producer Francesco Tarantini has proved himself an astute observer and creator of sound over the years, with his quality-strewn discography (featuring releases on SSOH, Code Red, Look At You and Miguel MigsSalted Music) very much indicative of the fact.

Whether he’s producing techno, house or tech-house, the results tend to speak directly to the floor. His comeback for French label Analog sees him again divulge in similar antics, with the ‘Neapolis EP’ one that showcases his liking for different sounds.

Opening number “Chiaia” is the most stripped back of the bunch, until an endearing and portentous sound emerges from nowhere to add a certain hint of menace.

The snare-led outlook of “Diego” is no less discerning, with its barrage of occasional white noise, unfurling bells and stirring echoes expertly capitalising on the certain ambiance emitted by its predecessor.

Vesi” makes for a contrasting offering altogether, with its many keys and old-school aesthetic prompting parallels with vintage Kerri Chandler. Suffice to say, this is no bad thing.

"Mezzocannone" is no less intriguing, with its many contrasting synths and wailing vocal sure to impress.

A dub mix of “Chiaia” closes the EP; one that’s brimming with many different luscious strands and flavours.

Artist: Francesco Tarantini
Title:  Neapolis EP
Label: Analog

TracklistChiaiaDiegoVesiMezzocannoneChiaia Dub

Our rating: 7.5/10
Francesco Tarantini


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