LWE presents Closer : Chris Liebing 6 hours

Words by: Clare Scott
Posted: 19/2/13 10:15

CLR’s Chris Liebing freestyles at intimate London warehouseLondon’s learning a thing or two from Germany’s party-circuit - primarily, the appeal of the ‘extended set’ - something that’s commonplace in Deutschland. Closer, the London Warehouse Events project is grabbing this trend and running with it. On Saturday 23rd February they enlist Germany’s own Chris Liebing (Create.Learn.Realise’s head honcho) to demonstrate this new logic at an intimate Shoreditch warehouse where he’ll play a six (maybe more?) hour set.

I really enjoy playing longer sets”, says Chris. “Sometimes after six hours I just really, really enjoy it and it feels so good that I could go on for another six hours. This is something that sometimes happens at Berghain in Berlin where a set can easily end up being 13 hours long. But this depends on the people on the dance floor: how deep they want to go; how much they are expecting; if they are just letting go or if you can make them let go”, he continues.

Sounds like we’re in for an intimate gig in the true sense of the word then; with Chris’s fine-tuned attention to what’s going on on the dance floor, he’ll be able react accordingly at any given moment, throwing out tunes that will push the right buttons. This means no prepping when it comes to record selection; “How could I prepare for something I don’t know how it will end up looking like? You may know the club, but then you don’t know the people, the mood, the atmosphere, what’s happening, how you will feel yourself – no, there is nothing you can prepare for that – you just have to be naturally prepared and then react to the situation you face when you get there… I’m happy that I can just do whatever I feel like in that very moment.

Unlike Chris, Closer (British and therefore perhaps creatures of habit) have done a little more planning. They’ve recruited U.K. DJ duo Nick & Jack as support on the night.  So while London’s not quite ready to give into Germany’s one DJ a night formula just yet, we’re taking baby steps in the right direction; relishing every minute of being up-close and personal with quality DJs for hour, after hour.

LWE presents Closer : Chris Liebing 6 hours
Saturday 23rd February: 10pm to 6am - Shoreditch Warehouse Party
Chris Liebing 6 hours set
With Support from:
Nick & Jack
LWE presents Closer : Chris Liebing 6 hours


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