Goa Madrid Masquerade - Carnaval 2013 - Party Review

Words by: Lena Kochetkova
Posted: 18/2/13 10:16

Goa Madrid Masquerade - Carnaval @ Fabrik 10th February 2013 - Party ReviewNot many cities can boast of having decent Sunday afternoon/evening dance events, let alone huge gatherings with A-list names in the line-up. Madrid’s own GOA Electronic Parties, who started 18 years ago as small afterhours, now fill the enormous dancefloor of the 10.000-capacity Fabrik each time they come here, which happens on a monthly basis.

Their latest visit on Feb 10th was headlined by Fritz Kalkbrenner, DJ Hell and Joris Voorn. Alvaro Cabana and Borderline warmed up the main room in anticipation of the guest artists, and the Disco Deviance area was ruled by Dicky Trisco, Pete Herbert, Chris Duckenfield and Los Lopez.

When playing in such an enormous premises one has to be a crowd pleaser – in a sense that you have to justify the expectations of the audience. Fritz Kalkbrenner, as well as his elder brother Paul, has to some extent become a slave to their most famous production: the seminal “Sky and Sand”, recently voted as #14 Greatest Dance Track of All Times by Mixmag readers. Every time you go to listen to a Kalk (any of them), you expect them to play this very hit, and each time you wonder how differently it sounds in a new space. Last Sunday Fritz was in a perfect mood, beaming and glowing, and he emitted tons of positive vibrations apart from his music.

Following, DJ Hell delivered a smoothest transition from the more relaxed and spacious Kalkbrenner to the more intense Joris Voorn, who brought up the rear and was the only one playing in a true night shift.

Voorn showcased the barer, techier, Cocoon-esque side of his sound. This was his second time at GOA, and he finished it on a less lyrical note than at his debut, when he rounded it up with his own Lana del Rey remix.

The Masquerade/Carnaval themed party took full advantage of the triple-decked stage. Acid medusae, a dancing pack of cards, athletes in black lace on a trapeze, queens, buffoons and videoclips at the projection screens in the background… Fabrik, the 4th best club in the world according to DJ Mag rating, has all the facilities to host big festivities that GOA have become masters at.

The party was over at 3am, leaving the floor bestrewn with confetti, burst balloons and other evidences of the celebration. The police control was lying in wait at the nearest roundabout. As well as the party regulars, they knew where to be quartered and what to expect – which proves once again that GOA is not just a club night, it’s a part and parcel of Madrid’s scene, a true institution.

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