Jesse Rose... 12 x 12 All Year Round

Words by: Tom Jones
Posted: 20/2/13 7:59

Jesse Rose... 12 x 12 All Year RoundJesse Rose has never been work-shy, but 2013 is shaping up to be his busiest year to date. Whilst his Made To Play imprint and Made for the Night club concept continue to flourish, the charismatic producer has also just announced details of his new and quite frankly impressive 12 x 12 project. Rose will unleash a staggering 12 releases in the 12 months of this year.

Having built up an impressive library of new music, the result of a run of prolific studio sessions throughout 2012, Rose will release an EP or single on the 12th day of every month in 2013.

January’s ‘Love The Feeling High’ and this month’s ‘Body Play’ EP have done much to assure fans that this is not just a clever marketing ploy and is in fact, simply a way of facilitating all the quality music that has been forming a fertile reservoir over at Rose Towers of late.

I Voice caught up Jesse whilst he was on a brief stop off in London earlier this month. We got the low down of life in LA, organizing Made for the Night events, Ibiza and of course his 12 x 12 series.

How is life in LA? Do you find your life away from music more relaxed and enjoyable there than in Berlin or London for example?
There is very little time away from music but yeah it’s not a bad place to be based in-between touring. And it’s not just the weather; the vibe of the city is very relaxed too. I don’t often take a day off but if I do I have a choice to go to the sea or the mountains, which is really a luxury.

Can you see yourself staying in LA permanently?
Well I usually like to move about but at this moment I’m really happy to be where I am.

Does being based in the US mean that when you to come to Europe, you have to be more strategic about hitting key spots etc?
Yeah I guess so, I come back to Europe every six to eight weeks but it still only allows me to play most main cities two or three times in a year. So choosing where to play becomes important.

Tell us a bit about your 12 x 12 project. Where did you get the idea to do it from too?
At the start of 2012 I started writing tracks and pretty much spent every free moment I had in the studio. Normally, I would have put out an album but this felt like the more appropriate way to deliver music in 2013.

So every month on the 12th I’m releasing a single or EP on Play It Down. It’s cool because people get more time with each release and I get to go back to how I started, making EP’s with two, three or four tracks with different styles of music. I’ve always been into the whole spectrum from deep house to techno and everything in between so this lets me get back to that.

Why not release the tracks as an album? Do you think the album format is still relevant in today’s scene?
I actually feel like a good album is still totally relevant, Four Tet & Flying Lotus both put out great albums last year but this was about club tracks and a special way to deliver them.

Are you at all worried that releasing 12 EPs this year will dilute the impact of the tracks? Or do you think that actual it will highlight each release instead of loosing certain tracks amongst an album for example?
I guess I’ll only be able to answer this question properly at the end of the year, for now we will just have to see. So far the reactions have been amazing. I guess it all depends on the quality of the tracks.

What other plans have you got for Play It Down this year?
I’m really excited with what we’re doing with the label right now, it’s really gone back to just finding great tracks Oliver $ & myself love playing and releasing them. Simplicity seems to be the key.

How about Made For The Night? Anything big in the pipeline for 2013?
Yes for sure, we have three more tours of Europe this year and the line-ups are getting more and more crazy. It’s becoming like a real festival when we do our nights. We are also starting to do more stuff in the States which is great because people are really open to new things over here.

Jesse Rose What gives you the biggest joy about putting on the MFTN shows?
I guess there are two sides; one confirming a line-up, I mean getting Four Tet, Black Rose, DJ Sneak, Lindstrom, Metro Area and Oliver $ all free at the same time is a proper job in itself. Then playing at the night and seeing how excited people are about being there, from the clubbers to the artists themselves is obviously a really great feeling.

The nights are like a mini-festival in a way. Does their preparation and organization come with festival-like stress?
Completely, it’s honestly a proper job for us to do the nights and tours exactly the way we want to. When we are not happy and we don’t have something really special line-up wise, then we don’t do it. We are working nearly a year in advance, it’s crazy but when it comes off, again you feel like you’ve done something really special, so you forget about how hard it was to get there.

Do you have any plans for MFTN in Ibiza in 2013 at all?
We’ve already been in talks with a couple of venues but we haven’t found the right thing for what we’ve needed. When we come to Ibiza it has to be on a major scale in order to give people that come to the night the same feeling they get when they come to our nights in Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Tokyo or Los Angeles.

Do you get to spend much time in Ibiza either side of your gigs?
If I get the chance I always get a villa in the hills and chill for a few days. It’s amazing that people don’t realize what a beautiful island it really is. Maybe that’s also a good thing, keeping some magical spots still special and untouched in a major way.

Where do you like to hang out on the island? Got any secret spots you can let us in on?
I spent a couple of nights at the Hacienda last year and it was fantastic. So chilled in the north of the island. Great views of the sea from your room and properly quiet.

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