Richard Seeley - Burnt Soul EP on Discolour

Words by: Ralph Turner
Posted: 28/2/13 8:29

As the brains behind the consistent and on-point label that is Glue Music, British producer Richard Seeley evidently knows a thing or two about delivering astute electronic music.

Such talents instantly came to the fore on the latter imprint, and thankfully, they’re again apparent on his inaugural outing for his new imprint, Discolour.

Yet whereas Glue tended to revolve around fledgling producers and vintage talents, Discolour, we’re led to believe, is being billed as an outlet for Seeley’s talents only. So while the two labels might occupy a slightly different agenda, the emphasis on quality remains intact on the basis of the ‘Burnt Soul’ EP.

The title track is a slightly off-kilter and atmospheric number that prompts parallels with the likes of Claude von Stroke’s Dirtybird imprint due to its liking for snapping sounds and many wonderfully bemusing textures.

Flex” is the yang to “Burnt Soul”s’ yang, with this track crafted on a decidedly more typical, house-inclined template. The bassline takes a while to unfurl, but when it does it explodes with the sort of vibrancy that’ll ignite the dance floor.

A tale of two incident filled halves – both of which are worthy of your time.


Artist: Richard Seeley
Title:  Burnt Soul EP
Label: Discolour

TracklistBurnt SoulFlex

Our rating: 7/10
Richard Seeley


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