Double Trouble presents Rhythmatic 5th Anniversary Tour

Words by: Leon Riley
Posted: 28/2/13 8:26

Rhythmatic 5th anniversary 5 years in any ever expanding and evolving scene is some feat, even footballers often tumble at hurdles well before this. Though the game we are talking about is club promoting, the style they play is house and techno and the name on the back of their shirt if they had one would be Rhythmatic. I won't say what team they would feature on because that would cause unnecessary controversy, but the city it would be in is London.

Being the go-to London event for house and techno's rising stars and established names to touch down in the capital, they really do do things like any functioning sports team would. Having already welcomed the likes of Marco Carola, Carl Cox, Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Matthais Tanzimann, Davide Squillace, Onur Ozer, Livio & Roby, Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts and Premiesku, obviously there is a strong connection with the bavarian and romanian ends of dance music. There are more, maybe unexpected surprises lined up for 2013 as the well known and loved Double Trouble duo move forwards with the 5th Anniversary Tour.

Each of the events they curate possess a distinct uniqueness about them, like the 86' world cup semi final any Football Fan remembers for that game changing incident of ball to hand. God's divine intervention (if there is one) rains through the clouds at their parties. Booking guests such as DJ Three, Fumiya Tanaka, Boris Werner and other such important stars that create such ingenious music, really adds that touch of class that others often lack with predictable bookings.

The biggest step the brand has taken of late has been the Introduction of its record label, aptly named Rhythmatic  Records. Promoting the current sound of the parties and predominantly focussing on releases from their residents, they also look to eventually collaborate with other acts once the label has found its feet.

Now an established name on the London club circuit, Rhythmatic are only looking to the future of their journey. Revamping their designs and launching a new logo, its a modernising step that could subliminally send them into orbit. 2013 is going to be an extremely busy year for the crew, with the tour taking them to warehouses and various locations around the UK and beyond. As they continue to spread the Rhythmatic disorder to the next level and even further reachers.   All games have a strategy to them at some level, it is how to play them that is key, and boy do Rhythmatic play theirs with style, lets hope they just keep the music playing on long into the night.

Rhythmatic 2013 - March - July Programme
March 2nd - Rhythmatic with San Proper & Maayan Nidam

April 13 - Rhythmatic with Priku & Lilith
May 18 – Rhythmatic with Julietta & Special Guest TBA
June 29 - Rhythmatic with Roman Flugel & Bruno Pronsato Live
July 20 – Rhythmatic presents Fathers & Sons with Sebo K, Martinez & Julian Perez

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