Alixander III & Hugues St. Amour - The 3rd Bi-Annual M-nority Report EP on Idol Hanse

Words by: Carlos Hawthorn
Posted: 4/4/13 11:16

Unbeknownst to some, Alixander III, of Azari & III fame, harbours a dark side to his character. In partnership with Dinamo Azari the Canadian producer may revel in a world of soaring vocals and pop-inflected basslines, but left to his own devices and you'd marvel at just how twisted and techy his tastes become. Having hosted his debut LP as recently as November last year, compatriot imprint Idol Hanse joins forces with Alixander once again in 2013 on the producer's collaborative 'The 3rd Bi-Annual M-nority Report' project alongside longtime companion Hugues St. Amour.

Weighing in at 32 and 23 minutes respectively, the fruits of this laboured undertaking are by no means your typical dance-floor tracks. Recorded live at Alixander's Parkdalian Sound Space studio in Toronto, these meandering expeditions allow the listener deep into the musical subconscious of the two craftsmen, with each and every sound synthesized from scratch on modular systems by Buchla, MOTM, Modcan and Dotcom. The results are intriguing.

Side A is the more eerily serene of the two. Jittery techno synths cascade slowly against a landscape of metallic chirps, unnerving, wispy pads and bloated bass hits. With no sign of a kick drum, or any sturdy framework for that matter, the piece relies on its air-tight production values and rich and textured soundscapes. It makes for captivating, if at times slightly draining listening.

On first glances, the B side is a touch chirpier, injecting some flashes of tech-funk into proceedings. In fact, set over a sedate, pulsating bassline, it flits between the totally weird and the accessible. Closing on a groovy episode of quasi-reggae infused electronica, it leaves one with the sensation that despite its pervasive obtuseness, Alixander and Hugues really have curated something totally remarkable here.

Artist: Alixander III with Hugues St. Amour
Title: The 3rd Bi-Annual M-nority Report EP
Label: Idol Hanse

Tracklist3rd Bi-Annual M-nority Report - Side A3rd Bi-Annual M-nority Report - Side B

Our rating: 8/10
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