HNQO - We Do It feat. BR EP on Playperview

Words by: Carlos Hawthorn
Posted: 14/3/13 10:19

Talk to any decent size DJs and most of them will tell you that currently, Brazil is where it's at. Reflective of its status as one of the world's largest growing economies, clubs such as Warung and D-Edge have helped cultivate both a strong internal and external interest in Brazil's burgeoning electronic scene. Producer HNQO and record label Playperview are two such products of this sonic shift, both busy pushing their own take on the contemporary, party-house sound of now. 'We Do It', HNQO's first and arguably biggest hit to date, first saw the light on Playperview in late 2011, returning once again to fore in 2013, this time accompanied by a H.O.S.H remix.

Listening to the original well over a year since its inception, one is struck by how ripe and relevant it still sounds. In many ways it encapsulates all that is potent about the new-wave house movement – striding bassline, catchy synths and infectious, singalong vocal – and why it has proven such an internationally resonant sound. BR's vocals glide over the beat with sexy, effortless ease, targeting the ladies, but with a firm enough pulse to keep the men constantly engaged. More than anything, it's just exciting to hear these sounds emanating, not from Europe, the US or even Mexico, but from South America.

Remixing such a tidy record was always going to present an odd sort of challenge. H.O.S.H does all that is asked of him, adding his twist, while keeping enough of the original intact. To begin with, H.O.S.H simply drapes the bassline in a little electronic zeal, while throwing in a super-funky electric guitar lick for good measure. To see us out however, we are treated to a breakdown of dense, techy pads, momentarily clouding the track's upbeat veneer in something far more intense. As a way of building tension however, it works, cementing this as a more than viable alternative to HNQO's stripped-back dance-floor burner.

Artist: HNQO
Title: We Do It feat. BR EP
Label: Playperview

TracklistWe Do It feat. BRWe Do It feat. BR (H.O.S.H Remix)

Our Rating: 8/10


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