Nhan Solo - House, Surf, Sea and Sun

Words by: Marcus Barnes
Posted: 14/3/13 10:25

Nhan Solo Nhan Solo had an awesome 2012, pushing out plenty of great hip hop-influenced house music and setting up his own label, Mother Recordings. He’s part of a new generation of producers who are smashing dancefloors around the globe with a sound that is easy-to-digest, and infused with familiarity though still maintains a cool, underground feel to it.

Nhan’s 2013 is already looking like a big one, so we caught up with him for a quick chat to find out what’s in store.

So Nhan, how's 2013 so far?
Thank you for asking, the year got off to a good start with my release of the current Mother Recordings ‘Nina Rocks’ EP. I am really happy to have remixers like Death On The Balcony (Pets Recordings) and Mat.Joe (OFF Recordings) for the EP. It’s going well for me.

How was 2012 for you? Seems like it went pretty well... any personal highlight?
To be honest, 2012 was the best year in my young career as a DJ. ‘Friends’ and most of all ‘Easy’, which was picked by DITH India, Ministry Of Sound Australia and New State Music UK were my musical highlights. And of course, the founding of Mother Recordings - a step up to an independent House Label, my very own, which gives me a platform for all kinds of artistic freedom.

What have you been up to so far this year?
I’m going to fly for the first time outside Europe to DJ in the country of soccer, Brasil. I am delighted; Rio de Janeiro, Sao, Paulo and of course Florianópolis, the Mecca for all surfers. Caipirinha, sun and sea - what else could you ask for.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year, any big targets?
Personally, I want to play a lot this year. There is a North American tour with Stranjjur Agency and a  South American Tour with Greenroom planned and I would love to go to Australia - Gold Coast and Bondi Beach I heard are great places to go surfing.

I am really excited that my next EP will be released on Stranjjur NYC in April and it will show a new side to me. All I’m going to say is: Funk, Funk, Funk.

For the label, every three months we plan to release the ‘Superlative Tracks’ compilation series and, in May, the ‘One Year Happy Birthday Compilation’, with artists and friends from the label e.g. Adriatique, NTFO, Daniel Dexter, Miguel Puente, Justin Jay, Shivers*, Jay West, Art In Motion and many more.

You played in London recently for the first time, how was it?
This was an interesting story. The party was partially legal and it was planned to take place in a warehouse in West London but unfortunately the city cancelled the party having proposed requirements the promoters were not able to meet. So my maiden voyage had to be postponed.  I hope I can visit them soon to rock and cure my hangover with an original English breakfast.

What are you working on, music-wise at the moment?
At the moment my main focus is my label Mother Recordings. It is an exciting experience and the feedback is incredibly positive so far. Lots of work, very time-consuming and so, the time left for producing disappears. However, I do have a certain responsibility for my artists and their projects and I believe that everything done with passion and a true sense of sincerity will find its way!

How do you feel about the music scene at the moment?
For me it is very productive and harmonic.

Who are you really feeling? Any new artists we should keep our ears open for?
There are so many artists. As the head of a label you get a lot of promos and there are some musical pearls. Personally, I think that Moosefly are the bomb right now, they will also be releasing an EP on Mother Recordings and are involved with an original track on the ‘Superlative Tracks Volume 1’ too.

Can you tell me a bit about your Ibiza Voice podcast...
The podcast reflects my understanding of House. This is how I sound in clubs. It includes many exclusive tracks from the upcoming ‘Mother Superlative Tracks Volume 1’, my current Mother EP and music from artists and friends that I love to play and support at the moment. I hope you all like it.

Any last words for us?
Thank you for this interview. It was an honour . I’m a big fan of yours. Keep up the good work. Huge hugs.

Nhan Solo - I Voice Exclusive Podcast

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