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Words by: Tom Jones
Posted: 18/4/13 10:40

Acid MondaysAcid Mondays, a Spanish duo formed in Leeds but now permanently living in Ibiza, have been steadily building a strong presence ever since their inception. Quality releases on the likes of 2020 Visison, Deep Vibes, Compost, Magnetic and Circus Recordings have not only raised the profile of Negghead and Lex Wolf as they are otherwise know, but have also highlighted their dexterity when it comes to producing spaced out and somewhat hallucinogenic strains of house and techno.

They’ve managed to forge that enviable quality where their sound changes from release to release whilst still keeping a unique feel that is distinctive of their work. Their new EP for Leeds based imprint Illusion perfectly encapsulates that aesthetic with some highly creative, off-centre house that is perfect for the upcoming party season.

The guys’ reputation behind the decks also continues to grow with their Ibiza residencies, special vinyl only sets and some killer performances across Europe. Their stock is most definitely on the rise having emerged as one of the islands must see acts for summer 2013.

I Voice caught up with duo to get the low down on what we can expect from them moving forward.

First things first; where does the name Acid Mondays come from? It sounds like there’s some nostalgic references in there.
Yes, it’s from a photo album that was created on Facebook a few years ago that captured all the fun we had that summer on Mondays. We’d been thinking about starting a new project in the studio so using that as an alias seemed like the natural choice.

How long have you been working together? How did you get together in the first place?
We first met in Leeds 12 years ago when we both worked in the legendary record shop ‘Playmusic’. As we were massively into Vinyl, DJing and partying we started a few projects together and it grew from there.

How would you describe the music that you make?
Well it’s mostly based in house and techno but we try not to limit ourselves to any particular style or genre. Music is about feelings and these change and evolve like the music we make.

What are the similarities and differences between the music you produce and the music you play out in clubs?
The music we produce is a creative process that is inspired by the dance floors we have been on and the feelings we have experienced. The music we play is about raw vibes that magnify the crowd and the space that we play in.

How did your Salvia Sessions EP on Illusion Records come about? Have you been pleased with the reactions so far?
It’s a mixture of old tracks that were made a few years ago plus some new bits that came about from a few sessions in the studio last year. Tom and James at Illusion asked us if we’d like to do a full a release for the label so we sent them the tracks. They hit us straight back absolutely buzzing off them and said they’d take them all. The reactions so far has been great. DJs like Raresh, Terry Francis, Laurent Garnier & Shonky have all got behind it so we’re really pleased with how it’s going.

Acid MondaysHow did you feel when Delano Smith confirmed to remix ‘Got To Get Higher’? Were you pleased with the remix? Does it complement your original do you think?
We were really happy with Delano doing a remix, Tom & James did a great job in hooking that up. We love his mix and think it balances out the EP nicely. He’s also done another remix of Got To Get Higher that we’re holding back for another release on Illusion so look out for that!

What else have you got coming up production-wise over the next few months?
We’ve got an EP for the Romanian label ‘Nilla’, a remix of an old favorite of ours dropping on Sneaks’ label.  Also our 2nd EP for Circus, a couple of remixes for Contemporary Scarecrow and a remix for the German Jazz artist Wolfgang Haffner. That’s coming out on Timo Maas’s label in July and also features remixes from Ricardo Villalobos, Nightmares On Wax and Timo.

Does the vibe of living in Ibiza fuel your creativity? Would you say that the beauty of the natural environment inspire you to create music more than you would if you lived in a big city for example?
Creative inspiration is everywhere. Ibiza has such amazing energy and it really helps the creative process but people, travel and experiences are just as much an influence.

Are you more prolific at making music during the off-season? There must me a lot of distractions on the island from May to September?
Yeah it’s definitely easier to be more productive in the off-season as there’s a lot of distractions in Ibiza during the summer. We are still doing a lot of studio work up until June but in July and August it’s hectic to say the least and last place you can focused and be in is in the studio.

How long have you lived in Ibiza for? How has the scene here changed over the years ((for better or worse) in your eyes?
We’ve lived here for about 3 years full time and have done 7 summer seasons before that. We’ve also been coming out here partying since 1997 so we’ve seen the island change a lot! One of our favorite changes recently is the reintroduction of daytime parties as there’s nothing better than partying in the sun!

Where are you favorite places to chill out and relax on the island away from music?
Our swimming pool, you cant beat a mid studio session dip! Apart from that beaches like Cala Comte or Cala Salada are really beautiful. Watching the Sunset at Es Vedra or BBq’s with friends.

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