Nik Carter & Paul Begge - Sweet Awakening LP on Mandelstam Music

Words by: Lena Kochetkova
Posted: 13/5/13 8:52

Sweet Awakening by Nik Carter and Paul Begge belongs to deep house yet sounds not exactly like the most popular today’s specimen of the genre. Normally Begge makes rougher tech house and lyrical dub techno, but his collaboration with Carter made him morph to something much softer and more tender. The album is a labour of two minds who came to deep house through the harder way of techno and aimed at anything but momentary boost.

Sweet Awakening has just been put out on Mandelstam MusicRussian label launched in honour of one of the greatest Russian poets of the XX century, Joseph Mandelshtam. The imprint specializes in releasing intellectual deep music as well as non-standard performers.

It is a debut longplay for Nik Carter, whose career in electronic music became a decade ago. Long-time working as a music critic and journalist made him a well-rounded and versatile DJ.

Paul Begge belongs to the class of artists who sleep, eat and work in their studio going out only on very special occasions. In the last 4 years he has been touring across Russia and abroad and released dozens of tracks on such labels as Miami Techno Chrome Records, SK Yaris Records Inc, Sound Kleckse Records, Stosh Records, Torromusic Recordings and more.

After bumping into each other almost accidentally the guys recorded the album in just half a year, from October 2012 to March 2013. Using analog synthesizers along with modern equipment up to iPads, they worked in diverse, sometimes occasional studios, clubs, cafes, at home in the kitchen and even in the street. But instead of grassing a collage of nice but disconnected tracks, which would have been natural of people who barely know each other and have never collaborated before, Nik and Paul made a true album, backed by a fundamental idea and consummate in its integrity.

Along all the 12 tracks same elements alter, form variations, develop the initial impetus, evolve and show how a meticulous producer can unwind a full narration around a single piece of sonic mood. With tunes interlacing very gently and smoothly the album sounds almost like a mix. Only two tracks somehow break loose: New Delhi Evening Streets stands out due to its oriental tinge, and Bounce of Leyla’s repetitive vocal is probably too catchy if compared to the rest. But all in all Sweet Awakening produces an utterly continuous impression…with one remark: there’s no awakening in it. On the contrary, the album drifts deeper and deeper in a mellow dream.

Artist: Nik Carter & Paul Begge
Title: Sweet Awakening LP
Label: Mandelstam Music

01. Another One Sunrise
02 .Bounce of Leyla03. Go Now Feel This04. I See You Like it05. I'll Give You Pleasure06. Lazy Crazy07. Love You So08. New Delhi Evening Streets09. Solar Star Pixel Signal10. Sweet Awakening11. Undeserved Authority12. Words Doesn't Matter

Our Rating: 8.5/10
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