Deas - Freak EP on Secret Room Records

Words by: Rob Warner
Posted: 11/6/13 9:20

The second release on new Polish imprint, Secret Room Recordings, by Greek born artist Deas is another step up for the label and artist who's interesting meshing of tech and progressive styles is gaining plenty of followers.

The original mix is a similar vibe to some Bedrock releases from the mid-2000s. It's a dark groove underlayed with sinister synths and dark pads.

The classic minute-long break of steadily rising angst is so future-retro it's cool again.

The Pig & Dan remix is true to their theme - a percussive groove with an overdriven kick and sparse arrangement. The chops and changes of the arrangement in and out of rattley segments and a peaking synth are what creates the appeal here.

It's not vintage Pig & Dan but is very much the sort of useful tribal/loop tool style track which they do so well.

The Midi Zoo remix hits the mark in terms of being current and stand-out. In a very Marko Nastić/Valentino Kanzyani style they go for an edgy groove that is both hypnotic and tweaky.

The track is a great combination of rhythmic keys, a bubbly, bouncy bassline and an arrangement that has a killer tease to it.


Artist: Deas
Title:  Freak EP
Label: Secret Room Recordings

TracklistFreakFreak (Pig&Dan Remix)Freak (Midi Zoo Remix)

Our rating: 6/10


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