The Martinez Brothers: Crazy Creative

Words by: Kristan Caryl
Posted: 18/6/13 12:32

The Martinez Brothers: Crazy CreativeThe Martinez Brothers have managed to ride out their initial wave of success in some style. First emerging on the scene and drawing attention for their youthfulness (they were just sixteen and nineteen yet playing places like WMC) as much as their energetic house (of which Dennis Ferrer was an early fan, releasing the My Rendition EP on his Objektivity label back in 2007) the ensuing years have proved just as successful for Chris and Steve Martinez.

Now both out of school, they have been signed up by Circo Loco to be 2013 summer residents at DC10 – the same honour bestowed on enduring names like Loco Dice and Jamie Jones in their earlier years.

Ahead of a purple patch of releases that includes new remixes of D’Julz, Green Velvet and Timo Maas, and in between one of many gigs that takes the notoriously energetic brothers across Ibiza, the States and Europe, we tracked them down to talk God, hardware and the art of the DJ residency...

How are you guys, what’s got you excited recently?
We are great and we are very excited by our DC10 residency and this summer.

I guess you have finished school now? How has that changed things? Are you on tour nonstop now? Have you found you have more time to make music? Have you had to manage your time better?
It changes everything, now all we do is tour and we're learning to make music on the road. We can make a lot more music now, but we're learning all the time and it's not easy to manage time - there are not enough hours in the day. The biggest lesson is that there's no time to sit around when you have time to sit around.

And are you close to finishing any non dance projects, be it hip hop or whatever, or would you need to take time out of DJing to finish something like that?
That's mostly the music that we make on the road and yeah we are working on a couple projects right now. We are in the process of finishing, let's say.

So you are about to begin your residency at DC10… what have you got planned? Do you think and talk about things like this in advance or are you spur of the moment guys?
With Circo Loco you can never be over pensive, first of all they never tell you your set time until the night before, so planning anything doesn’t make sense.

If you were slaves to the crowd, then you would be doing everything in your power to reach the new things they are gonna feel, and try new things. The craziest stuff happens when you try to be creative...Will a residency allow you to do things differently than if you just went in for a two hour headline set? Will you dig deeper or try and educate people more, or are you slaves to the crowd?
I mean if you were slaves to the crowd, then you would be doing everything in your power to reach the new things they are gonna feel, and try new things. The craziest stuff happens when you try to be creative.

Have previous seasons in Ibiza taught you anything would you say? What lessons have you learnt? Are you planning to live on the island and chill or go hard all season or?
This year, we are going to be doing a lot of traveling and when we are in Ibiza and not in DC10 we are definitely going to be chilling out a little bit - we are going to be going pretty hard this summer.

It’s a well told tale that your father got you into a lot of music early on – have the tables turned now, do you introduce him to modern house and soul etc? Is he interested? What does he make of the stuff you play? Does he come see you perform?
He didn’t really know what we were doing or what was going on, but recently came to WMC to see what we are playing and see other DJs like Luciano and Ryan Crosson… he was loving it and he got it, which we were kind of surprised at.

The Martinez Brothers - Rinse FM - 29th May 2013
Having been brought up on hip hop, do you think the scene is as strong now as it was, say, ten years ago? Is it still a healthy and exciting genre for you guys?
Hip hop scene is cool right now because if you look at all the heavy hitters it's literally a whole new cast of people; all the generation that I grew up with - the JZs etc - there is a whole new cast of stars and they're all young too.

I know you guys are religious – how does that fit with the hedonism of somewhere like DC10? Do you ever get into moral quandaries? Do you think Circo Loco is church for people who don’t go to church?
No matter what, God is always with us wherever we go, and wherever we go, God is by our side; He's always around. Even in hedonistic times! Any time, any place.

You guys seem to prefer hardware when producing, why is that? Is it the sounds or the process you like, or both?
It's definitely both - when you play with hardware it's kind of like we are in a band; we feed off each other. We sometimes have just a computer there is one person looking at the screen, not as interactive

Have you thought about an album? Is it something you would like to do or not within the house world, rather a different genre?
Yes of course! Definitely going to be across the board - wont be just house!


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