Ibiza Budget Eats - I Voice favourite spots

Words by: Cila Warncke
Posted: 19/6/13 14:37

Ibiza Budget EatsSure, you could hit McDonalds for a cheap meal, but why would you? Ibiza is full of little restaurants where you can get tasty, interesting, real food that doesn’t cost much more than a Big Mac meal. There are dozens of them tucked away on side streets and alleyways all over the island so this is by no means a comprehensive list.

These are just a few I Voice favourites:

01. Best for… Juice Boost Es Tap Nou, C/Madrid Ibiza Town
Es Tap Nou is half fruit and veg stall, half café, so it is perfect if you need a vitamin hit after one too many nights of dancing. They have an extensive juice menu, and you know it’s fresh because they’re pulling the produce off the shelves in front of you. They always have a juice of the day which is usually €3, and you can come up with your own combinations for not much more. If you want something a little more substantial try the salads. For around €6-7 you’ll get all of your five a day in a single, delicious plate.

02. Best for… Catalan home-cooking Bon Profit, Placa del Parque
Bon Profit is the only place in town where you can get home-style Catalan cooking for about the same price as the ingredients in the shop. They have a standard menu with dishes like paella, stew, grilled lamb, chicken, fish, etc all for around €4-6 for a main. Puddings will set you back about €2, a basket of bread and alioli €1 and wine about €2 a glass. The food is so nice, and so cheap, you’ll be tempted to stay all evening, ordering more dishes and drinking more wine, which tends to play havoc with any post-dinner plans.

03. Best for… Curry Kathmandu, C/Catalunya Ibiza Town
For a spice kick that won’t knock the stuffing out of your wallet, check out Kathmandu’s set menu. During the day you get three courses of delicious Indian/Nepali cuisine for €9.95. They make their curries with a range of seasonings, so you can request anything from mild to hot vindaloo. Starters include favourites like onion bhaji, samosas and pakora, and you can finish off with something sweet like carrot cake, ice cream, or coconut milk and pistachio pudding.

04. Best for… Fast Italian La Bufalina, Placa del Parque
Grab and go food doesn’t have to be greasy or flavourless. La Bufalina, in Placa del Parque, has lots of lovely Italian treats to take away, including big slices of their house pizza, wraps, sandwiches on homemade bread, and salads. It’s also a nice spot to linger, if you have time, and enjoy a bit of people watching while you wait for your pizza (they have 27 different choices of topping) – and the they have a day-to-evening set menu that gives you pizza, a drink and a coffee for under €10.

05. Best for… Burgers Vinyl, Sant Jordi
Good burgers are a thing of beauty, and the ones they serve at Vinyl are the supermodels of the burger world. The menu is short and sweet: beef burgers with a range of fantastic toppings like caramelised onion, tapenade, jamon iberico, brie and cheddar cheese; there is also a veggie burger; salads, and something they call ‘broken eggs’ which is a delicious dish of fried potatoes and egg, accompanied by your choice of mushrooms, chorizo, etc. The chips are also out of this world.

06. Best for… Stonebaked pizza Bella Napoli, Playa d’en Bossa (next to Ushuaia)
Bella Napoli’s portside restaurant in Ibiza Town is hands-down the best pizza place in town. The good news is you can now get one of their fantastic, thin, crispy-yet-chewy, handmade, over-fired pizzas at their new PdB location next to Ushuaia. For around €10 you can get a spectacularly good pizza and they’re big enough to share, if you aren’t too hungry. Ideal recovery food after a day at the beach, or fuel for a night on the Space terrace.

07. Best for… Full English Sports Café, Playa d’en Bossa
If a comfort-food breakfast is what you’re craving head to Sports Café, which serves up robust English breakfasts all day long. Whatever it is that ails you, eggs, bacon, beans, sausages, grilled tomato, and toast will set you on the road to recovery. They also do a variety of non-breakfast foods, including wraps, jacket potatoes, salads, and milkshakes.

08. Best for… Sunset supermercados, San Antonio
So you want to have a bite to eat on Sunset Strip? Unless you have a substantial bank balance behind you forget about dining at one of the seafront cafes. You’re paying for the view, and the marketing, and the music. Instead, have a quick wander and pop into the nearest supermarket. You can cobble together a respectable picnic – baguettes, cheese, chorizo, olives, alioli, beer – for a fraction of what you’d pay for a sandwich in Café Mambo, then carry your shopper down to the seaside and enjoy your budget-savvy repast while dipping your toes in the sea.

09. Best for… Tapas Café Ulivans, Santa Gertrudis
Tapas restaurants are as plentiful as club posters in Ibiza, but if you frequent the tourist hotspots like the port in Ibiza Town or the trendy high streets you can wind up paying a lot of money for very little food. Café Ulivans, which faces the church in Santa Gertrudis, is off the beaten path enough that it has no pretensions. They just serve up substantial tapas at reasonable prices. They do all the traditional stuff – meatballs, patatas bravas, pan con tomate, etc, as well as delicious sandwiches on crusty white bread. You can easily eat your fill, have a glass of wine or beer, and leave with change from a tenner.

10. Best for… Paella Es Boldado, Cala d’Hort
Not, strictly speaking, a budget restaurant, however, value can’t always be measured in euros. Es Boldado sits high on the cliffs on the north side of Cala d’Hort looking directly across at Es Vedra. The location alone is worth the price of a meal. Also, you shouldn’t leave Ibiza without having a traditional paella, and nobody does it better than Es Boldado. They make paellas for two or more people, but the portion sizes are stupendous. Your share will set you back around €20 but you will be full for at least 24 hours afterwards, which makes it something of a bargain. Plus, they only take cash so you can’t splurge on your credit card even if you want to.


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